Why Have I Not Been Successful Online In 10 Years?

“Why Have I Not Been Successful Online In 10 Years?”

Following on from yesterday’s post of which I have re-read myself many times. Let me say thank you to all those that have been inspired by it and left a comment. I feel gratefully appreciated.

I came to realise that reading it many will be saying:-

“Why has he not been successful and living this life he yearns for and so deserves?

A good question and looking back over time I will answer this one honestly too. My answer being:-

“Quite simply I was not ready! I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Let me explain:-

  • Yes I yearned to better myself – I would not have started this journey otherwise.
  • Did I expect it to be easy? NO!
  • Did I expect to be successful? YES!

So why haven’t I been?

  • I may not have been successful yet in sitting on a bank account with monies flowing in 24/7.
  • I may not have a fancy house, car or be able to take holidays as when I please.
  • I may still be in the “rat-race” doing my regular job to pay my bills, just.
  • I may not have a massive list of people to promote to and overnight and have thousands of pounds or dollars in sales.

My success has been surviving this far to be still at it.

  • I am still determined in to make it all work.
  • My success is that I still have my dream, my goals.
  • I am still aiming for my success.
  • I have NEVER GIVEN UP.

This is my success along with the experience of dabbling here, there and everywhere over the last 10 years. Believe me I have seen many things in that time that promised me the riches. I tried and failed. I tried and failed again, but it was a lesson to be learned.

So what has stopped me in the last 10 years?

  • Not the right time
  • Not the right place
  • Current job demands
  • My health
  • My mind-set
  • My support
  • My lack of experience
  • My lack of confidence
  • My financial status
  • Information Overload
  • Lack of direction or mentor-ship

Truthfully I believe that most of it has been down to me. I was simply  NOT READY! Yes I wanted to go for it, but in all honesty I was just looking for an escape route to my life at the time. I was prepared to do anything at the time to escape, whether it interested me or not. There was no passion to what I was doing.

I was in the wrong place too. I was miles away from any family, living on my own. I had not seen my son for ages. I was homesick missing my family. Yes I had friends around me but they were either work associated or acquaintances, not what I would class a s true friends in times of need.

I was also in a very stressful job that had heavy deadlines each day. I was burned out after each day before I even looked at my escape route. I had no idea how to relax, find time for myself and be refreshed for another day at the grindstone!

My health was apparently deteriorating at the time, but I was unaware of this. Yes I had put a few pounds on, but not realised until looking back now. I sat at desks all day, was too worn out for exercise so what can one expect? I have since been diagnosed with diabetes type 2, which I believe now was starting way back then, but I was so unaware of it. Thankfully it is now controlled and may even be a chance I can reverse it due to my massive weight loss of over four stone.

My mind-set was wrong. It was not wrong in the fact that I wanted to succeed. The drive, the ambition was there but there was still something missing that I could not pinpoint at the time. I would give up too easily when hitting a brick wall. Yes I came back to be hit again and again!

I had no support network around me to fall back onto in times of need. Yes I had friends but they did not know anything about what I was trying to achieve. They could not offer me the feedback, advice or be critical about what I was doing. I was literally on my own on an internet of billions of world wide web users.

I lacked major experience in the technology side of things. 10 years ago a lot of websites had to be hard-coded by professionals. Today its push-button, ready- made, widget controlled sites mainly upon a WordPress platform. I was prepared to teach myself over the years and I have. I know far more today than I did back then and it is all self-taught!

As a result of the above I also lacked the confidence in myself in pulling it all off. I had the drive, the ambition, the knowledge that I had at the time. But again it was not enough. I lacked the self-belief in myself because of the above and other personal circumstances in my life holding me back at the time.

My financial situation has always been dire in all my life. It appears that money and myself have not been compatible over the years. Someone has always wanted more than I have. Nothing changes there! Seriously I was ploughing money in after money at everything that promised to rescue me. So I was not in control of my finances and soon found myself penniless most months.

I had purchased products after products and suffered the information overload factor. Even though I had all the products, courses in front of me I had no idea which was the best way to go.

I lacked direction. I had seen others online succeed and observed what they were doing. So why could I not follow. I tried but did not have all the pieces to the jigsaw. I needed someone to show me!

So what is different now? Why do I feel this is the time?

I am in the right place

I am in the right mind-set

I am controlling my finances

I now have a happier family life

I am associating with others

I am joining groups of support

I am following a mentor

I now have a plan

I am now getting organised

I am taking daily action

I am focusing on ONE aspect only

Don’t get me wrong the last 10 years really have been a learning curve for me and I have taken a lot from them. They have left me with a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon and actually share with others.

Hand on my heart I really do feel that this is my time to go forth and be successful and it is all down to knowing, experiencing and surviving the failures along this winding path.

MENTORSHIP and getting ALONGSIDE those that have gone BEFORE and REAPING their KNOWLEDGE really IS THE KEY

Take some action today

Join some Facebook Groups.

Follow ME on my journey.

Most of all GET some MENTORSHIP!!



  • Zora

    Reply Reply July 25, 2015

    Thanks Gary, This is a well thought out post and so revealing what was holding you back. It’s great that you read and reread , studied and realized what you can do now to fix the bad habits . Glad you’re on a new journey .

    Here’s to your success and great things in your future.

    Zora Blume

  • Tonya Stephens

    Reply Reply January 29, 2013

    Hi Gary,
    Very honest blog post. You have been at this a while. It seems your positive qualities are preserverance, tenacity,desire,committment. You have all you need within you to succeed.
    Happy for you that you finally found a mentor and you now have a plan…next stop….success!
    Good luck to you on your journey…remeber we are all on a journey here. Success is a process…you are making progress.

  • Cararta

    Reply Reply January 27, 2013

    10 years or 2 years or 6 months,
    there are so many people who do the same thing.

    No Plan. No success

    Exactly the same as if you have a Brick and Mortar Business,
    even though this is “just” on your computer and
    in your head.

  • Johannes Stockburger

    Reply Reply January 26, 2013

    Hi Gary,
    I think it is more simple and more complicated: Sometimes it takes time to change and develop the own persona, identity, believes, value behavior and community. It can be difficult and very painful. But success is depending on all of them, our our lives reflect them.
    Now, money is important. But on the day you look back on your whole life, what counts is how you developed yourself.

  • Dean Thompson

    Reply Reply January 26, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    I admire your honesty in posting all these exploits.

    It takes a lot to be brutally honest with yourself, to then tell the world is even more so and not the easiest of tasks.

    Two things stand out for me here; your mindset and your complete determination in not giving up.

    To be really successful there are many components that go into the overall picture. Mindset is a big part to this and I’m a big believer in this as being a big part in moving forward.

    You’ve highlighted this as one of the downfalls that let you down previously. It’s good that you’ve highlighted this as something you need to improve.

    You’re determination is what shines through for me. If you’ve still got the desire to succeed after this amount of time then you will make it. Your unswerving belief will bring you success, just keep working hard.

    Here’s to your success in 2013.


  • Gareth Kentish

    Reply Reply January 26, 2013

    Gary – again your honesty pours out of your posts.
    I do hope you become super successful. And may be in 12 months you can share with us on your blog how you moved up to the next level.
    For me the answer is investing in the right mentoring program. Successful people leave a trail, which I am happy to follow.
    Good luck

  • Cararta

    Reply Reply January 26, 2013

    I can relate to every word!

    It is amazing that we start off working

    without a Plan and could keep doing what we are doing till
    eternity ends and never progress.

    Great Share.

  • Ken Soszka

    Reply Reply January 26, 2013

    Hey Gary,

    I can relate to this post in so many ways. I’ve been at this since 1997. While I do make some very nice “side-money” and consider myself successful as a part-time marketer, I still work a regular day job to pay the bills. I have never taken it to the next level.

    Family has been a factor for me too, but for different reasons. I find myself torn between spending countless hours online, and trying to be a good husband and father by spending that time with my family instead. But then.. I think that if I spent more time online and made more money I could be a better family man by taking us all on a nice vacation or having nicer clothes, etc.

    I think I’m on the right track now though, as I look back I can see that I never really made a solid plan. I was simply creating or promoting products and websites as the ideas came to me, and then moving on to the next without building any kind of brand or community. I didn’t even have a blog, just email lists from sign-ups at various squeeze pages.

    Thanks for the inspiration Gary, I’m off to work on a new giveaway product!

    Ken Soszka

  • Gary Watson

    Reply Reply January 26, 2013


    Thanks for your reply

    To be honest I have made small amounts over the years but i have always reinvested what I earned.

    How do I see myself going forward this time? Good question. Still in the same manner that I am by being a persevering and hard working guy.

    I took John’s One Month Mentor and now also his Personal Coaching Program ( a step up from his One Month Mentor)
    When possible I may even do his Masterclass as well as there is always extra bits to learn. It all depends on the extra value that I would get from it in comparison to these other two I have or am doing.

    My goal this next month is to roll back on my posts to one every other day, freeing up time to start writing my first product in earnest. 28 days in February so still hoping to get 14 posts online. I am adopting my plan from the post I did the other day. Plus I have another blog to deal with too, which is related to my faith as been neglecting that one totally.

    I would like one day to do much the same as you in setting up my own web design and SEO business as both are topics that I have passion for. I love keyword research too and get many ideas from this in return.

    My plan Roger at present is to continue blogging, create products, get more organised, use material sitting dormant on my hard drives and hit the year running. I hope that this time next year I have a strong presence online and also bring some money back in return.

    Help, tips, offers, free gifts, anything always gratefully accepted.

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