Why Do I Need A Mentor?

“Why Do I Need A Mentor?”

This online blog is now three months old!

Yes I could have achieved this, setting it up, looking for graphics, struggling to write content, doing it all alone but tearing my hair out in the process.

I have created and “played” about with many websites in my time online. I am a person that will dive in and have a go. I am independent in my learning anything that I can find online that is self-taught. I usually achieve my goal but not in an easy manner.

This all changed for me in November 2012, when I opted in to purchase the One Month Mentor course by John Thornhill. I have been wanting to be mentored for a long while. John has been a guy online that I have followed dutifully. However all  his courses were beyond my financial reach, until now. The course was finally offered at a price well within my finances. On signing I also joined the Facebook group as a result of my purchase.

Both the course and the support of fellow members in the Facebook Group have been invaluable to me. The course itself has given me the direction that I so eagerly sought and the confidence to do this blog. The support has been astounding in that others are now commenting upon my blog posts, and we are all sharing and networking with each other on our individual blogs.

So why do I need a mentor?

A structured well proven plan that actually works!! Before I started the course I would spend my time surfing and diving in after every product online to reach my goals. As a result of the course I now have a structured well laid out, in small bite size steps, plan to work to. So every time I need to create a new blog I now have the blueprint to make it look professional, and inviting to readers.

I have a blog that is operational, informative, secure and with a repeat readership too. A blog that I am proud of and makes me want to post to it. In the case of this month this has been daily.

The plan has made me focus. I have spent my energies following each step required and enabled the blog to grow daily. I have not look at anything else online. Stopped wasting my time pursuing other promises that may work in time, if I could be bothered to work them out. In my case I have focused upon one aspect only and then if I needed help the support has been at hand.

This works in two ways, it is a two-way relationship. I have had the experience of John at hand should I have needed it. Plus also the added advantage of getting support from fellow members form the attached Facebook Group to the course. These are people like me, building their blogs. Helping each other, sharing advice and tips that I may never have learned myself.

Well this speaks for itself. I now have this growing, but structured, finished blog online. It is my success story and will be now one of many as time allows. It makes me feel confident in myself that I can achieve these tasks online to succeed. The comments from others keeps me motivated daily to add more to the content and I will. I have found my flow and it will grow and grow over the next months and years. I am proud of what I have achieved to date and be even more so in years to come.

From An Aimless Stray:-

So if you think you do not need a mentor I would definitely say that you are 100% wrong in that. We all learned our life-skills from our parents and family before us, they were our mentors growing up. I could have carried on for another 10, 20 years struggling to achieve this start to my online projects, but I didn’t I chose to take the plunge and I have NOT looked back in doing so. Yes it was the financial aspect that lured me in, and yes there are other mentors offering their courses at prices out of reach of many. I know I was there, but now I am here. CLICK HERE is all it takes to get started. Take action today start on the long winding path to success by step by step tuition.

In conclusion from this series of posts:-

Being mentored gives you immediate support to work in a step by step manner. To a structured blueprint that has been tried and tested proven to WORK. The successful steps taken slowly build your self-esteem and confidence by adding new, directional skills to your own abilities. Tasks that seemed so far out of your reach can now be done easily, and without any serious thought or pulling out hair moments. The evidence of good mentor is the success in itself of completing a finished or growing product or achievement.

Success brings pride, and pride brings job satisfaction. JOB DONE!


Don’t Become An Aimless Stray Online – Get A Mentor –

YOU Really Do Need ONE!!



  • Sue Worthington

    Reply Reply February 1, 2013

    Hi Gary

    I know first hand how hard this is – as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge in January.

    You have done brilliantly – the next challenge is in April – if you join you will get a lot more comments and traffic and support too!

    Stick with John – I am part of his higher level coaching and the support is tremendous

    Take care

  • Gary Watson

    Reply Reply February 1, 2013

    Hi Adrienne

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    The last month of posting was not intended. It just happened naturally. I do feel that I could continue but have ideas buzzing around that need attention to bring to fruition.

    Now that this is up and running I will rollback slowly to produce less posts but maybe more in depth in time and using more graphics and video inserts.

    I have started but by no way am I finished and proud of what I achieved so far in the short space of three months.
    I only used the Facebook groups for traffic so room for improvement there.

    John’s One Month Mentor Course really has been what I was seeking to kick-start the completion of this Internet Marketing jigsaw puzzle.

    I have tonight had an idea for another blog that will be revealed in due course.

    Thanks for your support and comments

    Kind regards


  • Dean Thompson

    Reply Reply January 31, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    It does make it easier when you have a mentor in the respect you’re been taught by someone who has made the mistakes and gone through the frustrations.

    You’re following their blueprint which saves you a lot of frustration and time.

    Maintain your focus and keep working hard. Stick to your plans and you will be successful. Just make sure you don’t get too impatient.

    Great post Gary.


    • Gary Watson

      Reply Reply February 1, 2013


      Having just completed a three month period building and writing to this blog. I now know that sticking to one task, and focusing on each step along a system or plan is the route to achievement.

      So I will be adopting this as the foundation of all my business growth from now. I will create my own plans and systems around my available time and stick with it. If it takes me abit longer to achieve completion then that is fine with me.

      I am in this for the long haul now and having not given up in the last 10 years I intend to be around until my dying day now, hopefully many years away!!

      Thanks for your comments on this blog.



  • Mike Orth

    Reply Reply January 31, 2013


    Great job 31 posts in 31 days is no easy task. Your blog looks great. Your articles are very informative. Due to the flu my journey has been slowed down a bit. A as soon as I get my strength back I’m back at it.

    Great Work,

    Mike Orth

    • Gary Watson

      Reply Reply February 1, 2013


      Thanks for stopping by and comment. I been across and left you a comment too. I see that you have done a posting on being mentored too.

      Great minds think alike.

      Kind regards


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