What is Mentoring?

What is Mentoring?

Following on from yesterday’s post I am finishing with a series of smaller  posts in relationship to Mentoring. (due to limited time – work training)

Mentoring has been the key to me getting this blog up and running in the first place. Yes, I already knew how to create a blog, but the other factors in regards to themes, plugins, opt-in forms and more is where mentoring has helped me. It has filled in the gaps of knowledge that I did not know so what is mentoring in more detail?

A Definition of mentoring?

Mentoring is most often defined as a personable professional developmental relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentored) in developing specific skills and knowledge. This will support and encourage a person to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, and improve their knowledge.

  • Mentoring is the relationship between the mentor and the mentored.
  • The key focus is the development of the mentored.
  • The development needs to be satisfied through the relationship.
  • Satisfaction can vary in focus from guidance to performance improvement to settling into a path.
  • The focus is determined by the mentored.
  • The mentored must lead in identifying issues and with guidance from the mentor, resolve them.
  • The mentor is not there to provide ‘the answers’
  • The mentor guides the mentored towards ‘the answer’ that is right for them.
  • The mentoring relationship can be both short and long term.
  • It may develop to focus on a particular issue
  • It may be one that lasts for years covering a range of issues.
  • The mentor and mentored “meet” at designated times and places to discuss issues.
  • They both make plans to resolve and then review.
  • The formal vs. informal nature of the sessions is down to those involved.
  • Every session must have a purpose to serve.

Mentoring relationships are part of structured programs and have specific expectations and guidelines. Others are more informal and the concept of mentoring is simple. However successful implementation can be challenging. Effective mentoring includes the ability and willingness to value the mentored as a person.


What does a Mentor Do? – Come back tomorrow!!


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  • Dean Thompson

    Reply Reply January 27, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    It’s important to have a mentor to guide you to where you are going.

    You can try and do everything yourself which would take a long time with many mistakes along the way, but why should you go down that route when there are people who can teach you and help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

    I hope the mentoring your receiving will bring you much success.


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