Unbelievable – A Year Has Passed!

Having just relooked at this, my blog – I am astounded to see that it is almost a year since my last post.

I just decided to subscribe to Microsoft 365 to organised my spreadsheets, documents, presentations and notes in 2018.
I am therefore using Word – Blog Post template to write this and update as I type away.
I did not know that this was possible, so a new skill learned today.

So where have I been this last year again?

  1. Fighting my health again with high sugars with my diabetes type 2 (now stable again)
  2. Completing work studies courses (QCF Level 3 in Health and Social Care Diploma)
  3. Distracted by Social media – mainly Facebook, and other dating sites too, trying to find the special man of my life!! (Failed)

So I am thinking that instead of daily posting on Facebook etc that I must turn my intentions back to my blog. I just renewed its domain registration again this month but in 2017 have not used the web space at all. This disappoints me greatly as lots is happening around me that I should really share.

So it is with 100% intention that I will be posting more regularly and get back into the habit of building this blog again.



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