To want to be successful can be emotional.

This post yet again is not a marketing one but one about me and my journey, in particular how the video in the last post has hit me emotionally and how I have to change in my mind-set.

I have watched the video many times over now, and each time it touches something new in me. Some pains that have lain hidden for many years, pains that have held me back for so long. This guy has triggered their awareness and the needs to deal with them, step by step, each day.

To say I am an emotional wreck this morning is an understatement. I have cried, cried and cried even more today so far. Why? I have always wanted to do well and be successful in my life. Not only to achieve my own dreams but for others to be proud of me. For others to look at that guy and say he does well. Who doesn’t?

I never realised until seeing that video that I have had it ALL SO WRONG and going about it all, in the wrong direction. I need to change and deal with what have been “the hidden emotions”. I need not only to get my mind-set right but also the emotional side of my life. It’s been holding me back for so many years.

I saw the cruel side of life in my early days, what people do to others. My regular career path has turned around to working as a mental health support worker, which brings its own emotions too. I lost my parents at the time in my life that I needed them most. Although we convince ourselves that we deal with the loss in time, we never do and it comes back at times unexpectedly to remind you. I have known all week that something was wrong but could not put my finger on it, until now.

I am scared, and I am not afraid to admit that. I am scared of being that person that I have always wanted to be. Why? I have always put others before myself and never achieved what I have always wanted to achieve in life. My time is now and I am scared, scared of the changes that I need to make and all it will bring and very emotional about the future. I am currently feeling the aspect of all the losses in my life, even though some of them have come back in to my life recently, my 20 year old son Charlie. Words cannot express what love and pride I feel for him. I want him to have a successful dad, see myself achieve my goals in life as he embarks upon his. He’s currently at Sheffield University studying Physics and also a regular DJ on the University Radio station Forge Radio. I love listening to his shows as it brings him close to me and makes him a part of my daily life again. However it can never replace the many years I missed with him growing up.

So you see this internet marketing success has more to deliver in my life than just money and freedom. It allows me to achieve correction in my emotional life and mind too.

It is time for me to now deal with these emotions, to change my own thoughts and fears.

Have you got emotional issues too that have held you back all these years? Are they still holding you back? Is your own mind-set on the wrong path? Are you the person that you have always wanted to be?

Then watch that video in the previous post, if that does not stir you I do not know what will!

I have had a much unexpected lesson delivered to me by this video, but it’s one I truly needed and I am going to deal with each and every issue that it has raised for me.

Take action today and do something about it. No one ever stated that this would be an easy journey. We will be faced with barriers, triggers, and more issues that need dealing with before we can progress.

I wish I could find the guy in the video to personally thank him for doing it in the first place. I do believe in God and I am sure that this was placed in front of my eyes for the right reasons.

To deal with the issues and emotions that has held me back for so long. The fear of being a success and the freedom that I have always sought in my life to achieve my dreams, and those of others around me.

Thank you for reading this far, but I just wanted to point out that behind the scenes to be successful we do have to deal with unwanted aspects of our lives. To take action and actually change the way we think and deal with life to be that person we thrive to be.

Watch the video now and make the changes that hold you back!!


  • Dean Thompson

    Reply Reply December 1, 2012

    Hi Gary,

    I’ve seen this video before and the guy is amazing.

    In one respect you can look back over your shoulder at the not so good times and realise they’re in the past, although I understand they can still stir your emotions.

    Looking forward is your new career path and by the sounds of it you really want to make it work.

    Although no one can change the past, you can certainly shape your future and with hard work and determination you will succeed.

    I look forward to seeing your blog develop and wish you success.


  • Marlene Kristensen

    Reply Reply November 29, 2012

    OMG Garry, you almost made me cry too!

    And that video… it is amazing. Reminds me of another, where an armless man learns to play guitar with his feet… Wait i’ll find the link… Here it is:

    Just love those videos, keeps you going right?

    And I can see from you very inspiering post, that you will eventually become a more whole, authentic and sucessfull person from watching that wonderfull video.

    What a great world we live in… we have the power to inspire, heal and help others, just by sharing our stories on blogs or YouTube etc.

    And you cirtainly touched me!

    By the way, I couldn’t agree more with your choice of mentor. John is the real deal and he will bend over backwards to help you.

    I’ll come back soon to see how you progress on your jouney, I have a feeling it will be quite exiting!


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