This Week – Ending 26th November 2012

Well fellow marketers, I cannot believe yet another week has passed and that we are almost out of November soon. Christmas is now less than a month away and the start of the New Year is just around the corner.

I stated in an earlier posting that next year, 2013 will be my year of action, the foundations are set so it is just down to me now to being successful and taking the action needed.

I am already on day 25 of the One Month Mentor course and to be honest I am like a little kid at Christmas as each day the email arrives telling me of the next action. My emails arrive at between 4.30am and 5am each day and they are opened almost immediately. All the file links are being downloaded to my laptop and extracted and viewed.

In regards taking the action planned in them I am at the product research stage as although I have had time off my “night-job” (Yes – I work nights!), I have in fact been sleeping a lot fighting the lurgy!

When not sleeping as well as doing things online I have spent a few days sorting a friends laptop that was doing weird things, or rather not doing anything due to viruses and heaven knows what else. After two days of intermittent attention I decided it could not be resolved and wiped it and have now rebuilt it again with a fresh install of the software.

I actually do enjoy doing this and often wipe my own machines. There is something rewarding about using the fresh install for the first time.

In regards to this blog I have added more links and post(s) and will be updating my journal log for November 2012 later of what I have added for reference.

Due to being laid up I have been looking at other people’s blogs, getting ideas, taking some notes as to what I may like to add and write about on this one in the future.

It has been amazing though at how many dead links I have found though on them. I know that I am going back 4 or 5 years on some, but what ever happened to those websites and pages that I have tried to visit?
Furthermore whatever happened to the marketer?

Anyway despite being ill – I have still managed to do some action albeit not what I intended this week. However I am still at home this next week so action on product research and development is paramount. Plus I need to sort the header graphics out too with Steve at GFX-1

I have decided that I will do a regular posting on a Sunday of the week’s actions, events if only to remind myself and kick my butt in to action as to what I am planning the forthcoming week or month.

I will be filing these posts under the category of My Personal Journey as seems a logical place to put them. Comments and feedback are always gratefully received as I am new to this on the path to being successful.

Thanking you for taking the time to read this first installment of my weekly events and actions.


  • Gary Watson

    Reply Reply November 27, 2012

    Thanks for your comments Andrew and Donald.


    It is my intentions to replace the advertising with my own products one day. I am in the process of starting my first one now.


    I have set myself a goal to at least post weekly if only to write up what I have done this week. I also have a running journal explaining what I am doing on the blog so I have that as a ready reference to myself and others that want an idea what is involved.

    In regards to getting your opt in back just create a text box widget and copy the javascript/html from your autoresponder, Aweber or Get Response or whom you use.

    One thing for sure with the Theme, I actually use the paid version of Flexsqueeze which allows Internet Marketing pages to be created, like sales pages, reviews, and more. One thing I have noticed is your Flexibility link is not affiliated to the Theme…sign up as an affiliate via e-junkie and enter your affiliate link in the Footer section amendments. Just need to copy the bit starting “http”. Might has well earn a few pennies along the way.

  • Donald

    Reply Reply November 27, 2012

    Hi Gary,

    Good blog mate. I like it. I have no long changed over to Flex 3 from Prosense theme. I have lost the opt in and some other stuff. I now need to get it together. I haven’t been doing much lately although I have been doing quite a bit of reading, Blogging Roadmap and a number of other bits and bobs.

    One thing I don’t do often enough is post on my blog, something I
    will have to do. Have to get all my links together again. Good thing I can go back to Prosense and see how it was.

    Good luck with OMM.

    Kind Regards


  • Andrew Stark

    Reply Reply November 26, 2012

    Hi Gary,

    Setting yourself a weekly goal of writing a blog post will help keep your blog alive. Commenting and joining a facebook group such as those run by John will help to drive traffic.

    As and when you create products / services you can replace the adverts you currently have for your own stuff.

    Hope you get rid of the bugs soon.


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