The phoenix rises again.

I really cannot belive that is is well over six months since I last posted upon this blog. Shame on me, it was not for want of trying.

Following on from the last post I got hit by everything possible and the last six months have been a major struggle for me healthwise too. I have dealt with everything thrown at me one by one and now returning first back to full health and picking up on things that I had to abandon for a while.

Firstly during a holiday period from my regular job, I was struck down with a virus, and never seem to recover from it, despite blood tests it would just not go. It kept on mutating into something new. In regards to blood tests, I was B12 deficient and slightly anaemic, but the doctor refused me anything, just to let the virus run its course. Fine except I was becoming weaker by the day, and struggling with my regular job. I found some pills in the local chemist to keep me going, and had another blood test 4 weeks after the first. Results came back, no notes to report and led to believe all was fine. Far from it, I was getting weaker, and weaker. My body was telling me something was wrong.

I kept going hoping that things would improve, eventually passing through Christmas and New Year to now February 2015. Where did all the time go? Anyway I developed this massive phase of anger. Every little thing I was doing was getting to me, slightest issue I was swearing profanities and kicking and lashing out. Not me at all. This built up to the extent that I really felt that I was losing it. Not good when I work in mental health as my regular job. I recognised that I had a problem and put it down to diabetes medication imbalance again. This became very apparent when in two days I had major bust ups with many people, including my seniors at work. I decided it was time to get another consultation and saw my preferred doctor.

I was found to be vitamin deficient in that previous blood test and had never been flagged up to me by that other doctor I had previously seen. I was B12 and Vitamin D deficient, crucial for the breakdown of the B vitamins that drive us all, in the form of energy, immune system, brain functions and more. No wonder I was cracking up. I have had a further blood test to see where I was now in the timescale and came back B12 has stablised to acceptable levels but lacking Vit D still, the key to the use of all the B vitamins.

I have now been placed on Vitamin D tablets daily and feel like a phonenix rising again. Each day getting stronger, more alert and with a serene awe of calmness that feels so strange it’s feeling almost like sedation compared to the last six months.

So lesson to be learned here is NEVER ever take your body for granted – if it feels strange, do something about it, get checked out, and if need be by more than one doctor or at least one that you know and respect, and will followup on results.

There are lots of stresses involved in being online and achieving our successes, and our body is our vehicle in achieving these dreams, goals. Look after it and it will look after you and keep you alert, motivated and able to take the stress of the journey to success.

However if you need to take a break away from things, listen and DO IT, you can always come back later, however one day if you push yourself to the limits you may just not return at all.

Good health equals good progress to another step to success, another step to your dreams.

Take care of yourself and your dreams will come fulfilled one day, there is no rush at the expense of your health.

More tomorrow…..



  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply July 8, 2015

    Hello Gary

    Glad to hear you finally got to the root of your illness, far too many doctors are just glorified pill pushers, perhaps they hate their jobs and wish they had followed their dreams.

    Hope this is a better year for you.


  • Ant carter

    Reply Reply June 11, 2015

    Sorry to here you’ve not been well.

    You are right that without our health, it doesn’t matter how much of anything else we have. I too have had to push the medical system in the UK to diagnose me in the past – it is worth doing, no one knows your body like you do.

    Good luck this year, I hope you get the breaks that your hard work deserves.


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