Thank You For Your Concerns

“Thank You For Your Concerns”

I would first like to thank everyone that has been worried and concerned or just interested in myself and my health recently.

I have been going through what seems like a traumatic time, especially when I was finding it hard to move, walk and do things.

I was not totally honest about my worries though at the time as I had suspected that I might be developing cancer or something associated with it. The symptoms that I was experiencing mirrored what my mother had years ago when she was first diagnosed. This is further exasperated by the family has been previously tested and carries the BRAC1 cancer gene.

I had been told when tested years ago that if I had worries to get checked out. I have done so with my doctor and undergone tests, x-rays and blood tests linked to my diabetic condition over recent weeks.

I can now say with 100% guarantee that nothing has been found and that my mobility issues has been diagnosed as linked to a whiplash injuries sustained in a couple of car crashes that I have experienced in my life to date. I have some wear and tear in the lower neck and lower spine as a result and this fully explains why I suffer with stiff necks, and lower back, lumbar pains when doing things. From time to time this is allowing nerves to become trapped and effecting the muscles in the surrounding areas. So I have got to me more careful when moving about and do manoeuvres correctly like bending my legs when lifting and more generally.

So I thank you all on the Facebook groups particularly for your concerns and support and I apologise for not sharing the first fears with everyone, but they were personal to me and I did not wish to scare everyone. My mind is now reassured and I can get on with my business growth. But thanks again.

I have appreciated rolling back a bit on the blog posting as it has allowed me to take a further step back from the business plan and look at what I would like to do more.

I have decided that I would like to pursue more of the web design, programming and computer language side. It was something that I had an avid interest in before but got side tracked. I have reviewed a friend’s “Outsourcing product” that he is launching. This has rekindled this interest in that it is still something I would like to do, and earn monies from one day as a skilled programmer.

So along with this internet business building walk that I am currently doing, I am also going to pick up on re-studying, and learning on the computer programming language route along side my web designing skills. I am looking at doing the free courses online, like and anything else that I can find. So if you know of any useful sites, areas to follow-up on then let me know via a comment so that I can then share the information with others.

Despite my recent roll back on posts – I have still been showing an avid interest in the Facebook groups and last week posted a question about website building softwares about “what everyone was using today or whether we are now WordPress converts?” The response to this one question across the groups has astounded me. The consensus does seem that we are mostly WordPress converts due to ease and stability, and use of extensive widgets and plugins. However I came to learn of so many other software applications that I had never even heard of. I have been online now for some 17 years and this amazed me that I had not heard of so many. I do get email notifications of each post and it is my intentions to fully summarise the findings to this question in a post one day – so stay tuned.

For those that look at my blog regularly you will see that I have changed a few things. I have in the last month added an email subscription function so that subscribers can be notified of new blog posts. This is drawing an interest. I will also be broadcasting blog post updates via the opt in box, which I am currently working upon with an auto-responder sequence of follow up emails of interest to those that confirm opt in.

Today I have joined the Networked blogs site and added this blog to it, syndicating any posts to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. So far to date I have relied on posting to Facebook Groups and Commenting on other blogs for traffic, and any organic traffic from Google etc. I need to add more traffic sources and that is my plan now over the next twelve months to add a new source at least monthly, more so as I come across them.

The other change to the blog has been its home page layout. I was scrolling through the 10 posts per page one day and thought to myself that this is a long trawl. So I have activated the function in my Flexsqueeze theme to summarise them with excerpts of I think I set 175 characters to the READ MORE .…link. However I have adopted the trick of making the first current post a sticky post, so that it shows the full content. When it then gets replaced it reverts back to normal excerpt in the list and the latest takes its place.

Hopefully this will make the blog more functioning and tidy too. Any comments appreciated. Oh I almost forgot. For those astute observers, you will now notice a Testimonial tab. I have installed a plugin for this page to work and would appreciate, testimonials of your experiences upon my website, whether you have any ideas that I can make to improve the experience for you, ideas about future post topics etc. Anything that will make you want to return and watch the blog grow further really. All testimonials left will be seen and moderated by me, so will see my personal attention and replies.

I thank you in advance for this but the purpose of this blog is interaction and to supply information  that is inspirational, of value and more so what my readers would like to see. So leave me your ideas please.

Well that about wraps up the last few weeks of what has been a worrying time on my part, made me look at my health issues and allowed me the time to reflect upon my path going forward and make a few adjustments.

Whoever said that going forward was a straight path, we all have to make changes along the way.

Thanks for reading and until next time – please leave your comments below and testimonials on the page tab at the top of the page.



  • Gary Watson

    Reply Reply February 15, 2013

    Thanks Donald,

    It has been a tough few months and one’s that I kept secret to myself apart from sharing the fact I did not feel well.

    I am pleased to say I can now get on and build upon what I have started. However I am still taking my health seriously as I did burn out in the process of the last few months. I am in this for the long haul so I do not have to rush and kill myself in the process.

    Good sleep, good health equals a good productive brain and clear thinking and strategies that will last a life time.

    Thanks for your comments Donald and get some blog posts done my friend then I can return the comments.

  • Donald

    Reply Reply February 14, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    Impressed with your blog. I need to crack on with mine.I could take a few tips from yourself. Just come off FB, Ian Armstrong having a few wee snags. I had the same when I changed over, didn’t realise how much of a nightmare it could be. Anyway, getting there and hopefully in the coming weeks it wil grow.

    Good that you’re on the way up regarding your health.



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