Snow, Glorious Snow

Snow, glorious snow.

That is what I have seen falling in the night as I worked my night shift. I went to bed this morning at 10am and now woken up to inches of snow. So it will be a walk to work tonight, trudging through it on the pavements. Thankfully I have them “Winter-Trax” that fit my boots so will be able to walk steadily with confidence.

However it has made me have a thought this afternoon of the luxury of one day working for myself still and how much I want that to happen.

  • Unless the internet connection is down business will continue and non-dependant upon the weather.
  • Even if it is down, money will still flow into my account from around the world.
  • Plus there is always work to be done when offline anyway.

Roll on them days is all I can say. So today’s post is about my last week.

As those that have read my blog its been very much a family week and one of memoriam. Thankfully it now over and next stop will be April for such events. It does not matter how one tries to cope with these weeks each year, they still have an effect on me. I do try to just work through them. It is impossible so I just allow my faith to deal with them. I let it out on Facebook and now my blog what I am feeling afterall I am only human and need some escape of my emotions.

The rest of the week has been further research on my subject of the month “The Internet” and now I have so much information I am having to collate it all to use as posts in some logical order for the second part of this month.

I have also been active in getting some organisation of all my downloads on all my hard-drives. This is of all the purchases from the last 10 years whilst I have been learning internet marketing. So much data and information just sitting there untouched and possible gems too when I actually get to opening them.

So second project of this year is underway and slowly I am sorting through almost 1TB of downloads into some logical order. I need to do this for ease of project research in producing my own products this year, but also to stop me re-purchasing the same over again and wasting monies that can be invested elsewhere.

I have promised in a previous post about how I allow my faith to guide me in what I do. I have especially turned this to my building my business aspects recently, so I will be sharing what I do each day in a post later this week. It seems to be working as I have managed to make a post on this blog everyday so far and do not seem stressed about it either.

So praying to God works. More on this later in the week!

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