RIP – David

“RIP David”

Today is going to be one of the most easiest posts to write.
24 years ago today my life changed forever and in such a painful way too.

My little half-brother born only on the 8th of January, was sadly taken away from us in a dramatic series of events on what was then Friday 13th 1989.

Following an afternoon of Police escorted trips between my local hospital and the major children’s hospital “Jimmy’s” in the UK – David was turned around on arrival in the ambulance to return back to Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire to be able to pass away in my father’s arms. David died at 7pm whilst my dad cradled him.

Gratefully I was not aware of these events until the following day when I turned into work as normal on the local petrol station. My manager at the time broke the news to me. I had not been contactable all day, and mobile phones were not prolific as today. I too am very much a private person even way back then.

However at the time I was re-dedicating my life to God and preparing for my Baptism of my own choice later in April. To say this tested my faith was very much an understatement. I actually threw The Bible into the corner of my flat and that is where it remained for days on end. I also downed two bottles of old manky and disgusting sherry, which I later discovered is a depressant anyway just to hide from the pain. I was paralytic for at least two days that I recall.

This all took place on my return from my dad’s to believe the situation was true, not that I would have believed anyone would joke about a situation like this. But I needed closure, and to see my little bro to believe it. So I made the journey and in the afternoon went to the chapel of rest and saw him in his little casket, well woven basket actually. I recall how much he looked like “Jesus in the manger” and for some reason that thought and image remains with me today.

I had seen David alive only 4 days before on the Monday of that week when I was told of his birth. Instinctively I had to leave work to see him, I cannot explain why but I just had to go despite the fact I had already made plans to go to dad’s at the weekend before he died. I just had to see him and that was the only time I did. I still believe today that God was aware of his problems and somehow called me to go see David. That’s my belief and I am grateful for that. But looking back it did escalate the pain of losing him later that week.

I had so many hopes and dreams to share with him as I always wanted another brother in addition to Sean, whom is just 6 years younger. I was 24 at the time so David has now been dead as long as the years I was when he was born. Crazy how time flies, but David you are never forgotten and thought of many times as to what our lives might have been. But we will never know on this earth now.

So today I dedicate this post to my little brother David, whose life was so short but touched our lives deeply and left us all in great pain when you were taken from us.

Loved deeply and sadly missed little bro – until the days we meet again xxx


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  • George Nieves

    Reply Reply January 13, 2013

    Hi Gary,
    That is a very touching story & a fine tribute. Your little bro would love it.
    I’m so sorry for your loss. Things happen for a reason.
    I just leave it in the hands of the good Lord.
    I’m sure your little brother is proud of you.
    All the best in 2013 for you! Things will get better for you, I’m sure.

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