Quick Start Challenge 2018 Testimonial

Ok, we have made it to week 5 and the challenge this week has been to do a video testimonial.

WAY OUT of my comfort zone to say the least, plus my webcam on this laptop is caput!!
The software Windows 10 no longer recognises my LifeCam VX6000 or it does not interact with the camera software.

So I had to use my phone and upload a video to Youtube as required.

Next step to embed into this post so please find the video created below:

As I said this earlier this was way out my comfort one, I don’t even like my photograph being taken let alone a video.
So the fact that I have done this means a lot to me unlike 2015 when mindset, illness, and fear stopped me.

2018 I have reached the end of this challenge by pushing through obstacles, work, illness again, a blog that needed resurrecting and lots of techno issues.

As stated in the video I will be posting about these in due course and my resolutions to them.

Thank you Dean Holland and Craig Crawford for this year’s challenge. I did sign up again last minute but was in the mindset to complete this one this time and I have.

I just now need to backtrack correct a few things on my blog that I had to destroy to complete this, with conflicts in the plugins etc. Catch up on my blog posts and stay on track now going forward.

QSC2018 has re-inspired me that I can do this internet stuff and loads more.

Thank You

Gary Watson

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