Pinned Posts Can Be Used For?

“Pinned Posts Can Be Used For?”

As a continuation from yesterday’s post, today I am looking at the ideas that pinned posts can be used for.

As mentioned in the previous post that there are two types of pinned posts and also the amount of pinned posts that you can pin.

Normal Facebook Timeline Post – 1 pinned post for 7 days then reverts back to normal time of posting and placement in your timeline. If you pin another post, the first pinned post will be automatically un-pinned. You can pin only one post at the top.

Groups Timeline Post – up to 3 pinned posts and last indefinitely until unpinned by the administrator of that group. The latest pinned post is always at the top if pinning more than one post. Once you have three and try to pin the fourth, you will get an error message until you manually un-pin one of the first three.

So one has time limits unless un-pinned by the administrator and the other has indefinite time limits until unpinned by the administrator. Therefore allowing you to post for timely events (just un-pin the post after the event) and permanent posts.

A pinned post “sticky post” on a business timeline page can also include videos and images. A pinned post also allows you over 63,206 characters as oppose to the limited 160 Characters in your About me box.

Pinned posts can also be shared throughout the weeks like other posts.

Uses for time limit pinned posts (Normal Timeline).

  • Any of the indefinite post ideas – just have to re-pin every 7 days.
  • Announcing your weekly blog post.
  • Announcing your weekly tip.
  • Quote of the week
  • Latest food recipe of the week.
  • Highlight the latest time limited discount, Joint Ventures or launch date of a promotion.
  • Latest topic of discussion for debate.
  • Arrange weekly competitions, riddles.
  • Feature the latest competition winner.
  • Feature the product, service or event of the week.
  • Feature the fan of the week.
  • Ask your fans to write some lines about your page or product.
  • Feature the fans testimonials on the top for some days.
  • Different types of posts on different days
  • Urgent or time sensitive info (your email is down or your office is closed)
  • Forthcoming training workshops, programme, conference or networking event
  • A link to one of your tabs of timely information (because these have individual web addresses so you can post them anywhere!)
  • Details of a regular activity like live page chat, ‘share your Facebook page’ day or featured fan of the week
  • An image that includes a call to action (maybe to like your page)
  • A welcome video or image explaining what people can expect from your page.
  • Public Notice
  • Advertising or celebrating any other community or membership site events.
  • Under the pinned post use a highlight post to drive traffic to a timely promotion.
  • Weekly customer testimonials, either in video, image or text.
  • Drawing attention to your page or event following an email mailing.
  • Welcoming new visitors to your page after emailing promotion.
  • A posting to help visitors understand what’s happening with you and what you have to offer at that time.
  • More…..

Uses for indefinite time limit pinned posts (Groups).

  • Any of the above timely post ideas as you have the facility to un-pin them after the time has elapsed.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Rules and moderation policy of the group.
  • Details of your training programme.
  • Details of your latest upcoming trade shows, events.
  • An opt in for a freebie download or newsletter
  • More……..


There is no limit to imagination and creativity that Facebook is offering for marketing.

It’s on you how to use this feature and reach your audience.


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