One week into 2013

Well we are already one week into 2013 – so what have you all been up to?

What have I been up to?

My year as usual has always started with my night job for now. I did become quite shocked as to how emotional and angry I felt with myself, as the New Year chimed in and I was at work seeing it in. The words in my head were ” I do not want to be here!!”  For a hour later I was so angry with myself but decided in the midst of my fury that only I can change this situation and that’s my intentions for 2013.

I have not yet set definite goals but I do intend on making 2013 my year of research, research and more research. This is all going to be based upon my passions and as part of the process in creating products later down the road. Along the way I wish to increase my online presence by blog posts upon here, so far 7 in 7 days. I am intending to look at a subject per month or thereabouts and do live research each day and report on my findings as a post. This again will be outline information that I can then use in developing further and turn into a product of a report, or eBook or video or all of them one day.

As you can see from previous posts this week I am currently looking at “The Internet” this month. This is where it all began for me and now almost 10 years learning about internet marketing but access to the internet began way back in the mid- late 1990’s for me. However the excitement of that day has remained with me so and is now a great passion of mine, but I have always wanted to understand more. So hence my first topic of the year,

This week is a week of remembrance for me as you can see from the posts as a tribute to my mum taken from us some 17 years ago now. Towards the end of this week is the weekend of the birth, and later that week the death of my young step brother way back in 1989. Although it is now 24 years it still hurts like hell. But all this does is drive me on to achieve what I wish with my life as it is true “life is too short” so do today what you could do tomorrow as you just never know when the timer may stop on your own life.

Got a few days off my night job this week so focus has to be on my Aweber sequence and follow up emails, as it is an area that I have neglected since the start of this blog in November last year. Yeah I got my opt-in form on and tested it but I now need to sort the follow-up emails and also some incentive for sign up too. How am I going to do this? Well I been signing up on other sites to see what their follow up sequence may be, get ideas, and some how come up with something for my own. So watch this space and get signed up to see what results and start building my 2013 networking relationships.

So all it needs me to say as the first week of 2013 closes – there are another 51 weeks left, so what will you be doing in them? ACTION I sincerely hope is your answer.

2013 – RESEARCH – ACTION – PRODUCTS and ONLINE PRESENCE for me is my goals for myself.

So if not already said to you – “Happy New Year to you” and lets enjoy a prosperous and relationship building year for 2013.




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