New Year, First Month Gone, New Goals, Achieved

I cannot believe that it is five months since I did a post. This was NOT intentional considering how I started last year. So where have I been. What have I been doing? To be honest, as I always am, getting over a stressful “work situation”, coping with continuous illness and sleep disorder, associated diabetes effects, but still working on my online business in between all of this. I did actually get around to writing some draft posts but then never posted them. In regards the online business I am still focused on my plan and sadly it has taken me away from posting on this blog for a while. I am back now and it is my intentions to correct this downfall and schedule posts in a timely manner. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I am changing the purpose of this blog to focus purely on my online journey, the ups and downs, the blocks, my successes in tasks and other aspects associated to this growing daily journey. I am in the process of setting up another site “” where all my online projects will be administered from. This is still in some construction so a bit basic still and needing graphics still. There will still be a few insights on this blog in regards to Free Gifts, and anything that I feel is appropriate to my journey. I wish this blog to really focus upon myself and not the business, but as it is part of my daily life it is inevitable that things will cross over. My goals for my journey in 2014 are still list-building via squeeze-pages, free gifts, follow-ups, cash sales funnels, and launch promotions. As the year develops I am looking at creating my own products and have signed up with Speedy Profit Creator to assist in this process. My ultimate goal last year was to complete my mentors list and one was missing, but no more. Omar Martin is now on board as I have finally managed to get signed up to his “My Unfair Advantage” program. It has been a long time coming but this morning I have literally just come off my first weekly webinar with his community of students. I will keep you all posted on my involvement in this new coaching and in time I will be showing you my results. I am still very much active in many Facebook groups now and even started my own as a result in December last year. I decided it was time to create my own marketing community and assist where I can with my knowledge obtained in my on-going journey. It can be found at “” So that’s where I am right now, and achieving my goals one by one this year.

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