Never Give Up!!

I came across this video in the last few minutes and WOW OH WOW!
It has reduced me to tears in delivering such a powerful message.

This can apply to any aspect of one’s life and is worthy of a post upon my blog today.

If only to share the guy’s courage and final belief in himself.

That’s all I am going to say – the video speaks for itself!




Diamond Dallas Paris had belief that he could help Arthur Boorman

Have you got the courage to believe in your own life in 2013?

If so it begins TODAY! Kick-start it NOW, TODAY!
Seek that support, special friend or mentor in whatever it is that you know has to change.

Find that mentor that BELIEVES in YOU!

I found mine at One Month Mentor and the belief that one day too I can reach my goal by just a small step at a time EACH DAY.

Take Action NOW, TODAY in yourself and begin to believe!!


  • Dom Valentine

    Reply Reply December 8, 2012

    Hi Gary
    Many thanks for posting this video – I found it at exactly the right time for me as I have been having an internal debate with myself as to whether I should dump this Internet Marketing model as I have yet to make money at it.
    Now, I realize that I was right not to give up.
    Thanks again Gary

    • Gary Watson

      Reply Reply December 9, 2012

      Glad the video was inspirational for you too Dom.

      I have been at this game almost for 10 years but not at the level that I should be or as a seller. I have been a buyer for most of them years giving away my hard earned cash after business model again and again. I can truly relate to your feelings.

      However in my case I was on the right path now as my life in his foundations is now set up and in a good place apart from the few items triggered by that video the other week.

      So just as that guy has done – identify them Dom and take a step at a time and deal with them if this is your destiny. It is not for everyone, but I know it is my only way of becoming successful and have always had the belief that one day. It was just the scary emotions that was preventing me moving forward and the fear of failure I suppose.

      Nothing ventured – nothing gain – action means success one day – no action means regret and never knowing what could have been!!

      Thanks for your comment Dom.

  • Martin

    Reply Reply November 30, 2012

    Yep really inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

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