Life Before The Internet

“Life Before The Internet?”

I know that for many, including myself life before the internet seems almost inconceivable, but for those that find it hard to believe, life still did exist!

Everything though was of a different medium way back then and I am only speaking of just 30 years ago before the actual “Internet” became of birth to the general public.

We all still sought information but our only sources then would have been the radio, television and video, and of course the good old hard copy called a book. Yes folks we had to trawl down to that big building in our towns or the room in our schools and colleges. They called it the library.

Speaking of videos they were very basic and grainy unlike today’s online streaming that is now all crystal clear due to being digitalised. Whereas now we can actually watch movies, TV shows, music concerts online we use to have to go to the cinema for the latest releases and the special oldies shows too. A night out at the cinema (pictures) was the highlight of the week for many of our lives. A place where many relationships began and ended in the back row! Cinemas and multiplexes have a hard time competing with the digital age of today online, but nonetheless do still exist albeit not so many.

Nowadays there is the potential to do so much online from, shopping being delivered to your door, listening to music, downloading music, films, eBooks, booking show tickets, banking, researching information from the comfort of your own home, or smartphone whilst being mobile.

Today we can stay connected to the Internet 24/7 no matter where we are, but years ago we did the same thing by the use of a telephone network that was physical in manner, physical landline and corded phones. Information was limited though to the conversation you held with the other person. Now we have mobile wirelessly connected to an ever growing network, accessing the ever growing internet framework, making our lives more technology based.

But what do you know about the basics of all this technology?
How did it all start? How does it all work and why does it work as so?

As the new year began I decided that I wanted to know more. I am the type of person that is inquisitive by nature, some call it nosey, but I call it curious. I like to know how things work, why they work, where they came from, whom created them and more? So I started to do live research each day for a hour upon the subject of the internet because of these reasons.

When you learned to speak for the first time, you were in the environment, listening, watching, observing your parents, brothers and sisters as they went about their daily life. You gradually picked up how to communicate.

When you were young you probably learned to swim, but you had to get into the pool in the first place to know what to do. First steps would be with safety devices on like rubber rings, armbands, floats, to gain your confidence in the water first to float, and then gradually unaided as you were taught to swim properly. You learned and respected your environment or you drowned, but you could still swim.

When you got older, left school you probably had driving lessons so that you had freedom to do what you want in your life without the hassle of asking others for assistance. You sought independence for your life. However in order to achieve this you had to understand the theory and rules of the road and Highway Code for your safety and of others. You had to take practical lessons to learn how to move the car in the first place by understanding the controls and applications in the car. Gradually confidence builds from a slow pace to having to stay under the national speed limits of the countries road network. Again you became to understand the environment of being in a car on a network to get from place A to place B safely and in the shortest possible way hopefully.

So in my head as an internet marketer I believe that we should understand our environment. I hear everyday people saying that we now live in a push button era to do things. That’s fine until something doesn’t work as you expected and you have to turn for help. So why not understand how things came to be. It doesn’t have to be the technical route, the basics got you swimming, driving the car and speaking your language. However these can be taken to an higher level as we grow.

So what do you know about the basics of the internet? Well I knew very little until recent days and I have tried posting some of what I have found each day so far. Now I have hit information overload and need to evaluate all I have downloaded. I need to put the information in to some order and then share it in a logical manner. This I hope will take me a couple of days as I seek to start at the beginning of the project and slowly work through.

When I started this project I never thought that I would find so much information on the subject, but it really is amazing what “THE INTERNET” allows you to find out about itself or in fact any other subject of information and all in the comfort of my own living room, on my simple Netbook.

Thanks goes to “THE INTERNET” the global communication networks throughout the world and the ability for myself to connect to this web of information sites.

But how did it all begin?……………..


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