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I have created this journal page section (links at top navigation bar and right side bar) to act as a reference to myself and to others that are creating, blogs, websites and making money online.

I wanted to prompt, motivate and remind myself of my last action in my plan to be successful with this blog. So these pages will also act a diary of actions and events leading to the development of this blog detailing my steps in my walk to success in the years to come.It will become a reference point as to how and where I started and the steps that I have taken since

I could have simply done blog postings to a category as and when I chose but I really do want to keep this separate from the main theme of this blog site. The main part of the site is to speak about me as a person and things of interest, alongside my internet journey.

I am still unsure just how I may lay this page/pages out as time goes on but dare say it will go through several structural changes as I progress so stay tuned. I think I will start as month/year for now as due to other work commitments I cannot always do some actionable tasks daily in progressing but usually do so in maintenance.

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November 2012

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