Internet Selling For Newbies

Internet Selling For Newbies (ISFN)
launches TODAY at 12pm EST (5pm UK)


The origin ISFN launched first in 2008 and has sold continuously since but has become outdated.

Therefore Omar and Melinda Martin decided to update everything to apply things as it would run today

So if you feel that you are stuck in the internet marketing wasteland, just making a couple of bucks here and there.
Or are you jumping from the latest fad to the next fad.

But you want to leave the shiny object syndrome behind and build a solid reliable business system with a recurring income.

ISFN is not a get rich quick scheme but a training course to take action and put the work in.

So if you not making the money you want online or the factor of money is a concern.
Then this is for you, to build a solid reliable business to six figures a year.

Join now – you won’t regret it

There is NO TEDIOUS upsell funnel – just one more option after purchase.
ISFN – is the main purchase product with the added upsell option to purchase – My Unfair Advantage

A coaching product membership site, that has weekly access webinars since april 2010 – almost 300 episodes now.
It is a family of like minded people of interaction where cutting edge information as working right now is shared.
The membership site has training and tools and all webinars archived for further referencing.

Permanent access and monthly access  affordably priced. I have been a member since January 24th 2014

Don’t waste another day – start your training TODAY


  • Amuro Wesley

    Reply Reply February 22, 2017

    Hey Gary,

    Thank you for your useful post.

    I first came across Internet Selling For Newbies and Omar Martin in early Oct through Mike Filsaime.

    However because I was broke, I told 7-8 months to come up with the money to purchase the course.

    It is very comprehensive and explains everything a newbie needs to know about internet and how to market it to make money online.

    It is through this product I also subscribed to Omar and now been a member of his MUA membership site since then.

  • James Graham

    Reply Reply December 2, 2016

    I’m willing to undergo training to become successful. Willing to learn more about the business also.

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