I Was Once Blind But Now I Can See!!

“I Was Once Blind,

But Now I Can See!”

This blog is now 90 days old and growing. I look back at the start and the first few weeks getting everything up and running.

The last three months have been active to say the least, and as result I now have what looks like a professional blog (my opinion) and some regular followers in the process.

My hits have increased from nothing in the beginning obviously to:










152 (so far)

This may not sound a lot to some but to me it does mean progress and is only from the one traffic source – Facebook Groups

By being a member of these active groups it has not only brought me the visitors, but support and friendship with liked minded marketers, sharing ideas, tips and their activities online. I have gained a lot of inspiration from these people.

I have completed phase one of the One Month Mentor course by having this blog online. I am still working on phase two, the product creation.

After completing this phase one, I have since been adding content to the blog. I even posted for 31 days continually but was not planned. So in a way I have now completed a 31 day challenge and ALL posts were done on each day, not pre-posted or posted afterwards.

I have played around with the layout of the blog. I am continually trying out new things on it. I have two backing up processes in place so every day my blog is backed up by two totally different processes. I noticed last night that I now have 26 active plugins installed. I know that some I still have to configure properly, to do with a security program I am working through called “Blogdefender”

Although I have an opt-in box on the right I have also added the email subscribe plugin. It already has subscribers which I am pleased with.

The opt-in box is an area that I confess to having neglected. Yes I do have some opt-ins but I have had a barrier with Aweber and the follow up process. It is an area that I am currently working upon.

I have endless courses that I have lined up to work through so I am NOT purchasing any others until I catch up. I am finding that distraction, following other things is a killer to my time. I have adopted to focus on one thing at a time and that is what I am doing.

This is paramount to my health at present which seems to be struggling again for no apparent reason. My body just seems to want to sleep at the moment so I am letting it. My diabetes type 2 control is fine but something is toying with my health. I can read my body like a book so just letting it do what it wants to do for now.

That’s it for now – first 90 days passed – and what a journey it has been so far!!

“I Once Was Blind, But Now I Can See”



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