I have been AWOL but a metamorphosis has been taking place!!

“I have been AWOL but a metamorphosis has been taking place!!”

Yes to my readers I cannot believe that I have been Absence With Out Leave from my blog for the past three months in total now.

However it was necessary as I needed to re-address several issues in my life, both personally and on my online presence. More so looking at the direction that I was heading, and further to the point where I go and find the ways to break through the barriers to do so?

I can confess though that I have not been dormant at all in my online presence walk activities, nothing further from the truth as I have been extremely active. Let me explain.

At the end of March I was hitting barriers right, left and center. I felt that I did not know what or which direction to take on my blog, methods of list-building, follow ups with Aweber and more. I had hit a roadblock on all aspects.

I even lost the will to follow all the training programs that I have bought this year and some are still sitting untouched!!

My immediate action was to move away from my blog for a while and focus upon something new, to try to motivate me I suppose but what do I do next.

Everyone around me on the Facebook groups were going on about list-building and no matter where I turned list-building was being thrown up into my face. Everyone says to make this the most active part of your online presence and start from day one where you can. The money is in the relationship with your list. Fine in words if you can get started.

I have bought several courses in this time related to the fundamentals  of taking action to build a list. I looked them over and yes this is what I had to do. But I had a blockage still. No experience of setting up squeeze pages let alone cracking my barriers with Aweber. Each time that I opened that darn interface I felt lost, despite watching the training videos and webinars over and over again.

So I had to find an answer and actually I prayed about it and hoped that my faith with God would bring me the answer. For those of you non-believing, I am not preaching religion here, but whatever you may think or believe the answer did arrive and appeared in front of my eyes in April. In fact everything just lately is appearing just as I need it so believe all that you want?

My answer was quite simply an email – not even sure now whom sent it but it was to take a look at the product Squeezeninja. I had looked at this before and had heard several comments about it of both positive and negative thoughts. I decided that I needed to make my own assessment myself and I bought into the offer, up sell and the Coaching Club too.

There have been several parts to my metamorphosis and this was the first stage. I have played around with the software for a couple of months in a test environment that I have online. Just getting to grips with its capabilities and working skills. I have attended the Coaching Club on several webinars now and even became active in the end of May one, with suggestions of different download links etc, (fearing that an astute person could actually guess it). I have now been building online relationships with both Randy Smith and Simon Phillips as a result and just love this product and training support. I cannot say whether it’s the best on the market but it serves my needs now.

Read how this product has helped me overcome my fear of Aweber in my next post.

Also stay tuned in during the next week to read how Alex Jeffery’s in the last few days has allowed a penny to finally drop in my head, mind and business plan – so thank you Alex Jeffery’s for that.

Looking forward to your presence and comments in the days, weeks ahead as I reveal my metamorphosis in more detail.

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  • zora

    Reply Reply July 2, 2013

    Hi Gary ,Welcome back thanks for sharing good post.Glad you found a path that you can follow and a good memtor and guidein Randy and Simon both fine fellers.


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