How Organised Are You?

How Organised Are You?

One of my goals this year alongside my research into several projects, and eventual creation of products is to become more organised.

Today I have taken time away from research as I tend to do backups at weekends and catch up on emails and other administrative tasks.

One of my tasks this year is to get rid of duplication. Over the years of purchasing various products from all over the world I have ended up with hard-drives full of electronic data, much that I have not seen for years. I need to collate this together and also get it all backed up online as a safety measure.

Lots of it is already backed up on click-free drives, but unless you delete from these they just copy files that have moved location again so duplication occurs and space dwindles.

I am interested in hearing from others how they stay organised, whether they use a program, or just some filing system that they have created. I did purchase a program once which was based on mapping but I just could not get on with it.

So for now its just been a day of copying files over to one hard-drive in to a file system that I understand and then backing it up once complete.

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