How Do I Find Topics To Post Daily?

“How Do I Find Topics

To Post Daily?

Yesterday whilst browsing a Facebook group a fellow member asked me this question. I obviously responded with a reply, which in turn itself could have been a post. So I have decided to share what I am doing in this simple post.

My response to his question was:-

“I actually did a brainstorming hour just before Xmas, but to date all that I came up with I have yet to use. I simply looked at others blogs going back to see how they started off. I then decided to look at how I began in this arena. I chose to look at the internet as my main subject of this month. However I got bogged down by too much information on research so still working on this as so much to use on a daily basis. I then had some personal issues this month to share so did. I do a weekly round-up of my actions as one post per week. I found a problem on Facebook groups, answered it by research as wanted to know myself too then turned this into two posts which in turn led me to another on Facebook groups. All have been done live on the day by taking about an hour doing research, taking bullet points, images, videos, and just creating something. I have also done a couple of product reviews on Carl Toppings products by taking his affiliate stuff and re-adapting it to my style. Most of all I take time out of each day just to wind down and clear my head and this is when the subjects come to mind. The triggers are out there especially if reading these groups and others blogs, something will strike a chord and make you think again … that’s your topic, research and put your own angle on the subject, break it down into several posts. I intend to keep my research, posts and look again one day in more depth and make products from it all. So you actually kill two birds with one stone. Gosh this is long maybe I should do a blog post on how I do it!!”

Now I have made a blog post out of my reply, yet another idea for blog posting.

In summary in that reply above are these factors:-

  • Brainstorming – yet to use the topics
  • Blog-Hopping (my term for looking at others’ blogs)
  • Factors affecting me in this Internet Marketing arena
  • My subject of the month – “The Internet” – January 2013
  • Personal issues that I wanted to share
  • My weekly roundup of activities, obstacles and plans
  • Looking for common problems that I can answer
  • Using Facebook Groups to stimulate ideas
  • Splitting research material into more than one post
  • Continuity ideas linked to the previous posts.
  • Using different media, videos, facts, tips, links etc.
  • Product launches of new products like Easy Video Suite
  • Product reviews of affiliate products of fellow marketers.
  • Most of allow myself to relax, wind down and this is when the ideas tend to flow. Notepad at hand at all times.

I have always been a person that could start a conversation with anyone. I can always find a subject of interest by just listening, observing and responding accordingly.

You have to apply these instincts to the business to.


Listen to what everyone is talking about. This can be upon people’s blogs, Facebook groups, personal timeline, liked pages, Twitter, emails, broadcasts, newsletters. Everywhere in fact – trends are being set all the time so listen.

Observe what is the trend pattern again, be aware of what is happening around you, online, offline, directly, indirectly, what are others doing, following, hot topic, launches etc.

Research what you notice are these trends and take note and then follow-up with research. Does not have to be major research – a few searches in Google will usually bring up some hot links to follow?

Respond by collating your notes together in a blog post. This can include images, video, audio, spread-sheets, tips, facts, anything that is in support of your topic.

Do not just copy other peoples work, but take it as “a guideline” and re-work it to your own style or you could infringe copyright. However there are occasions when something cannot be re-written without losing its meaning. As long as most the blog post is your own work you it should be OK. Better still if you really do have a concern; post a link to the original copy after asking permission from the original author on their blog.

How do I research?

I simply use Google, look at what comes up, follow links, see what is being said about the chosen topic. I take notes initially of bold headings, bullet points, anything standing out to get a feel for an outline. I then look for common factors and note these. Follow further links if there are any and slowly build up a repository of information.

I take this information and set my own outline up first, by choosing the planned flow of information. For example “Am I answering a problem”? In this case it would be out-line the problem first, then the resolution followed by the conclusion.

Next I add the headings and sub-headings followed by adding “the meaty stuff” of the topic to these sections.

Most importantly and lastly I leave it and go a way for a break – cuppa tea/coffee anything just to get away from the post for a while. This makes better reading on the return and mistakes become more noticeable. A refreshed  brain is a productive brain.

On my return I look at it as a draft on my blog and make any editing amendments too, dealing with any typos, layout issues and in some cases grammar (although not my strong point).

I then publish the post to all to see and read!!

There really is no limit as to what one can post upon your blog. I never intended to post daily – it has just happened for me. I am not sure if it will continue as I have other projects to focus upon too.

However if I do scale my posting back it will be in a plan like below:-

  • Month One – Post Daily – about 28-31 posts
  • Month Two – Post Every Two Days – approx. 14-16 posts
  • Month Three – Post Every Three Days – approx. 9-11 posts
  • Month Four – Post Every Four Days – approx. 7-8 posts
  • Month Five – Post Every Five Days – approx. 5-6 posts
  • Month Six – Post Every Six Days – approx. 4-5 posts
  • Month Seven – Post Weekly – approx. 4 posts

That is what my plan would be to avert my time over a long period of six months. I can then use the time and attention to other products, websites, training programs and other internet related aspects of my business growth.

In doing this plan not only encourages me to write, and hopefully improving as I do. It is adding fresh content regularly to my blog, building on my reputation and searching engine indexing too.

So in my case I had not intended to post daily it has happened and this is what I do. Each day I wake with nothing in mind.

I may want to write about my monthly topic or have another idea come to mind during the day. I have chosen a monthly subject to fall back onto for each month of the year and I intend to research different aspects on each day of that month. I am not saying that I would maintain this to the letter as:-

  • I keep my eyes open for trends
  • I keep my eyes open for those seeking help
  • I keep a mental note of what is stimulating me with unexpected thoughts.
  • I keep a notepad handy as thoughts come anytime and note them no matter how big or small.

Another factor that I have been doing is making my blog personable too. I have shared events and posts personal to my life. For instance only the other day my son’s 21st birthday and what he means to me.

So just because you have a blog that is highlighting a specific topic, there is absolutely no reason why you the webmaster/author cannot relate to some aspects that are going on in your life.

We are building a relationship with our readers so let them get to know you too. What makes you tick? What upsets you even?  How you are dealing with lives ups and downs? Successes and failures?

The path to success is full of them so share your experiences too. You may just help one of your readers and inspire them.

“Job done –

You have related to your reader and helped them!”


  • Helena

    Reply Reply January 28, 2013

    Hi Gary

    Great and detailed post. I have built my blog over a period of almost 4 years but kept it very businesslike.

    I can totally see that bringing in the personal side will only enhance the visitor experience and that is after all the whole idea behind a successful blog.

    To build a community of readers with who you can share and like as I said on my Facebook page – “Making this a community of folks that is full of individuals helping each other, communicating successes and failures so others may learn, while also “checking in” with each other “just because”.”

    Have a wonderful blogging journey!


  • Cararta

    Reply Reply January 27, 2013

    Hi Gary,
    What is funny, we can all take as many courses as we wish, but if we miss something important…and don’t have someone to talk to…then we go down the road and take a wrong turn.

    I especially like your blog posting schedule..makes sense and don’t believe I have ever seen it laid out so clearly along with information about why this will work.

    Thank you for the heads up!

  • Zora

    Reply Reply January 25, 2013

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for inviting me over to read your good article post .Looks like you have it all laid out and have set the guidline and have it plained out down to the amount on post in the month ahead.

    I see you have put a lot of thought and work into your blog.I can see it has and will continue to get easier and better for you.You have come a long way already.Keep up the good work.Have a good day!


  • Jude

    Reply Reply January 25, 2013

    Gary, thank you for sharing your tips on regular posting and ways to find topics.

    I especially like the idea of discovering problems that people discuss on Facebook or in Forums, researching the solution, and then addressing the topic on your blog.

    The search engines love fresh new content.

    Thanks again for sharing in such detail your methods.


  • Tonya Stephens

    Reply Reply January 25, 2013

    Hi Gary,
    Great post on how to get those ideas for all those blog posts.
    I wish I had read this a year ago. That’s when I started my blog and had zero experience. This post would have come in handy but is still relevant. Very good information on how, what and where to get ideas.

  • Ken Soszka

    Reply Reply January 25, 2013

    Hi Gary, wow that’s quite a system – lots of great ideas there! It really is all about “relationships”, as you said. We can’t lose sight of that.

    Fortunately, I think it comes naturally to some of us. We enjoy helping others reach their goals, while we reach for ours.

    Earning money online is 100 times more enjoyable when you know that you have provided your customers with an exceptional value, and that they are happy with their purchase.

    Best Regards,

  • George Nieves

    Reply Reply January 25, 2013

    Hi Gary,
    I commend you for the great job you’re doing!
    You’re absolutely on fire with the amount of posts you’re writing on your blog.
    It’s amazing that you have come up with this detailed outline for your blogging.
    I expect only good things to come of this for you.
    Good luck! I wish you much success in your business!

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