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I am now on day 18 of the Steve at GFX-1 course and by now should have updated my header and footer graphics. However I haven’t so why not? To be honest I just do not know what I want as a header and footer yet?

I will be outsourcing these still as recommended on the course to a guy called Steve at GFX-1, a close friend of John Thornhill, the course mentor.

I do like practising with graphics myself but on this occasion need to use my time for other things, the course and to be honest need another viewer’s perspective in their creation.

I am a person that is indecisive at a start of a project and will always make many changes to most things, from font, layout, themes and colour schemes until I am finally happy in my head.  But then I will still play around for a while afterwards looking to even improve and make my design unique.

The first 3 seconds of arriving at anyone’s blog or website are vital in leaving a first impression. They are extremely crucial in determining whether a visitor stays or promptly clicks the exit button. I know as I do it myself and close many that do not inspire me at all.

So therefore I have decided that yes I will still be outsourcing my graphics still. I also know from what I have seen of others that Steve at GFX-1 has created that I will be amazed at his final creation of mine, and possibly outside the box of any of my ideas!

I need them to reflect myself, the content of the website and express the journey of the last 10 years in educating myself on internet matters. I have come from knowing absolutely nothing to now having a head and several  hard-drives full of knowledge awaiting to be shared in helping others.

Somehow I need to reflect the effect this knowledge holds on my life, to now be in a position ready, and able to launch into the internet product creation world. In a position to share my knowledge in helping others do the same in search of their goals and dreams as I launch out on the journey to my own goals and dream.

I need the graphics to be in a way that if I do change the colour scheme at a later stage for some reason that they would possibly still blend in, so that I am not continually having to re-order new graphics.

Do I make the header graphic personal with a picture of myself? I am a person that never seems to look the same from year to year. So would this part be out-dated in such a small duration of time? Do people want to see my face initially or would that scare them away? However a picture of real life person does make the graphic and the website and blog more welcoming.

So questions and ideas still afoot but as I create more content on the blog the answers will come and I will be placing my order with Steve at GFX-1 very soon. Stay tuned and see a dramatic new header and footer launched upon this blog in due course.

For your own graphic needs – you cannot do better than looking at:-

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