Happy Birthday To My Ex-Wife – Memories and Future Plans

“Happy Birthday To My Ex-Wife – Memories and Future Plans”.

I cannot believe that it has been almost three months since my last post and was certainly not intended as such. However due to a stressful workplace situation I have felt absolutely physically and mentally exhausted, and have slept a lot in the process. Anyone that works in mental health will fully understand these feelings of mental exhaustion as it is a self-less industry to be part of and little gratification in return, whether in a stressed day or a happy day. I did try a few times to prepare a blog post, but I never published them.

On a happier note I am pleased to say that this day still holds special memories to me as it is my ex-wife’s birthday. So I say “Happy Birthday Lesley” all these years on. I won’t reveal your age but just to say that you are still 10 years older than me, and I still thank you for our son, Charlie whom will be 22 in January 2014.

I still find it hard to understand where our lives have gone to? It just seems like yesterday when I chatted her up over the bank counter, but then again it also seems like another time period to me now. Charlie our son is making his own life now for himself, completing a Post Graduate Degree in Secondary Teaching.

When I use to see my parents in their thirties and myself as a child I use to think that I would never be that old one day. Might I add that I have been and many more years on top of that too. So the thought and the purpose of this post is to wish sincere birthday wishes but also to recollect on past memories and look forward to what the next 22 years may bring, in respect of family growth and equally important to me, my business growth!

In 22 years I will be 70 years old and anyone good at maths can now work out my ex’s age today, sorry Lesley! What do I wish to achieve in these next 22 years of my life. Apart from more contact, and an enriched father/son relationship with my son, Charlie. It is possible that I will be of a granddad status by then. No rush my son though!

Business success is what I seek most, make something of myself and financial freedom to use my life as I always have intended, helping others. Ever since a young age of 13, I felt for the first time that one day I would be successful, wealthy and living of a freedom lifestyle.

This is where it is all beginning. This last year has been my most active time upon the internet in the form of getting things online, my name out there, building new friends via networks and being active in Facebook Groups, helping others.

This blog has been my focal point and changed several times in concept. I have decided that this blog will be as it says in the header about my journey in Internet Marketing, and the more aspect, being my other interests that I find online and offline as part of my life each day. It will focus more on me, my lifestyle interests and getting to know me more as an Internet Marketer.

I have a new blog/website that I am creating right now as a hub for my online activities in more detail. These being websites, reviews, etc. anything that is part of my journey online. Hence its title “garywatsononline.com” and is one more step towards that day of freedom in the future.

It will be my joy one day to get away from mental health care, as it is doing my head in, (no pun or offence intended). I know in my heart what I would like to do each day of my life.  It is to convey information to others in a digital training format online, offline and whatever other ways come along in the future. I eat, drink and sleep knowledge and wish to share all of this in better understandable ways to my readership.

So in regards to my continued metamorphosis in the previous post – it has continued and my focus really is still on list-building, using “squeezeninja” and their coaching club, of which I have become an active member and in return becoming good friends with Randy Smith and Simon Phillips.

I have played around with their program for some months now in a test environment, getting familiar with it. It is now time to go “live” with some squeeze pages, and email follow-ups. Yes, I am now also getting use to “aweber” and broken the camel’s back in my fears of its capabilities. I still have lots to learn about it but I can at least put a list together, creation of opt-in forms, follow-ups and beginning to just understand the list automation rules of list management.

Even in my “stress cloud” of the past three months I have still managed to chip away in the background at building my business each day, attending training webinars, buying products to assist my business growth, I even managed to win an online completion as part of the squeezeninja coaching club. £120 is now sitting in my Amazon account to spend as a result!!

Never give up on yourself especially in periods of stress clouds, they do eventually disperse. Strive to do something each day no matter how large or small, or the time available. A war is never conquered in the one battle, but each battle overthrown is a step nearer to the war being won and the goal achieved.

“Stay focused, do a little each day, and move a step closer to your goals.”

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  • George Nieves

    Reply Reply October 9, 2013

    Hi Gary,
    Good to see you back online with your blog! I know what you mean about life getting in the way and about getting older. We won’t even talk about that! 😉

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