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This year my life has been going through some major changes. But I have decided that next year 2013 will be my year when I really focus upon building my life online.

Over many years I have been playing about with computers, in fact since 1996 when I purchased my first computer from my workplace for £3. They were upgrading the stock and selling off to staff the old ones.

I remember that first night setting it up and actually logging on to the internet for the very first time. The excitement was like when a kid and opening the doors to an old fashion sweetshop with assorted sweet jars on the shelves. Where do I begin. I had just invited the world into my living room for the very first time.

In 2003 I decided to expand upon the idea of seeing how to make money online. I have been learning about what computers can do online, with view to making a living online one day.

2013 will be my tenth year since making the fateful search online for “Making Money Online”. My head is full of more knowledge than I care to imagine, and it really does amaze me in what I have taught myself in the last 10 years. A time when the internet has been forever changing, from having to do things in a more technical way to now when you can press just a few buttons.

So this blog will eventually become the accumulation of what is spinning around in my head’s memory banks or sitting upon my hard drives. It will be a slow uploading process so please do bookmark and return back regular. Furthermore there will be an opt in box to updates on this site in the next few days so please feel free to opt in and stay in touch.




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