Facebook Groups?

“Facebook Groups”

As a continuation from the previous posts in which I have looked at pinned posts. I thought that I would take a look at Facebook Groups, where you are able to pin-up to 3 posts at the top of the page.

What is A Facebook Group?

It is a space upon Facebook where you can share with the important groups of people in your life. These groups can be a private space, or left public or to be approved entry to by the admin of the group.

The three types of groups are:-

Secret: Only members see the group, who’s in it and what members post.

Closed: Anyone can see the group and who’s in it. Only members see posts.

Open (public): Anyone can see the group, who’s in it and what members post.

You can create a group for anything in your life, it may be based upon family, work mates, teammates, a craft or hobby, a social event. Absolutely anything where you may have a small group of people sharing the same interest.

I myself am a member of the following groups:

One Month Mentor

Bloggers Roadmap

John Thornhill’s Inner Circle

Carl Topping’s Marketing Group

Simple Traffic Solutions

John Thornhill’s Marketing Group

plus others…….

The common factor for me in all of the above groups is that they are all internet marketing related, but i am also a member of other social groups.

Why am I a member of these groups?

Initially I joined as a result of actually purchasing a training program One Month Mentor which had a link on their welcoming page as a step to join their Facebook Group. So I did as I was told. This has happened with the others too but not all are achieved via purchases.

You can join any group via browsing and asking to join, being invited or just join if it is an open group.

What benefits do I get out of joining these groups?

For me personally and I would think that most of the other members would agree is:-

“companionship of a friend with a common interest and is at hand to offer almost immediate support”

I have just covered four qualities there in one sentence of the benefits of joining a group.

  1. Companionship.
  2. Friendship.
  3. Common Interest.
  4. Support.

The companionship is achieved by reading, commenting, and relating with other members posts.

Friendship is achieved by connecting with certain members and then building a relationship over a period of time. In some cases I am now friends even on my personal timeline page with members and vice versa.

Common Interest is why we are all in the same group in the first place, wanting to share and expand on each others’ knowledge and experience. Often other conversational matters are talked about that may not be related to the group initially, but are still a common interest to some members. Generally members do stay on the topic of the group.

Finally support is paramount to all in the groups. I have asked for help on several occasions. The other members that have the experience that I may not have advised me what to do, offer a helping hand or shown me where to go.


For me personally along with all of the above. Networking is the most important benefit for me in all of the above groups.

  • We are Internet Marketers,or building a business lifestyle.
  • We are of different social levels and work experiences.
  • We are offering different approaches to our business.
  • We are all seeking the same goal in our business, SUCCESS.
  • We still have a family life and share this and support each other.
  • We all bring something different to the group each day, ideas, tools, links to other websites, blogs, and more.

These are just a few of the benefits of being a group member, and obviously more will develop as experience, friendships, and partnerships grow from the support of like-minded members.

Furthermore I have a ready based group of liked minded people that can share any business development with and their list of contacts too. This obviously will increase the growth of my business a lot faster than myself just promoting it.

I have in the last three months increased my circle of friends, have immediate support on hand, can ask for product reviews and more as needed. All I need do is send a post to all members across all groups. The post will be seen, read and some will take action upon it for me. This is invaluable to me especially if it is a matter of urgency that I am struggling with.

So if not already a member of a group – take action today and expand your circle of friends, experience and offer and receive support from liked minded members.

Go ahead – take action – join a few groups of your interests and ENJOY!


  • Gary Watson

    Reply Reply January 21, 2013

    Thanks for your comment George – much appreciated.

    I agree totally with the time stealing bit but in my case I just tend to scan through them maybe two or three times a week of the recent posts only. Plus I get the posts sent via email so I can scan these at leisure when at work on my break.

    Staying focus is a hard thing to do with so many distractions, but it is worthwhile to achieve. I have managed to post on my blog everyday so far this month, even if I have strayed from the subject of the month “The Internet”. It was not my intention to post daily but is happening and now I have adopted a daily routine, so who knows when I will stop!

    I will be back on track on my subject of the month as I have shifts off work so will re-focus back on these posts later this week.

    Stay focused and we will all take that step closer to success!!

  • George Nieves

    Reply Reply January 20, 2013

    Hi Gary,
    I agree that Facebook groups can be an invaluable asset to one’s business.
    I also belong to several FB groups.
    Being new to the Facebook scene myself, I have quickly learned though, that one should take caution as to how many groups you join at any one time.
    In addition to them helping, they can also be an incredible time stealer, killing one’s focus.
    As you read on my blog, I’m a stickler for focus in one’s business & life.
    Thank you for the great post! All the best in 2013!

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