Emotional Week Ending – 3rd December 2012

WOW is the only word that I can use to describe my journey online this week.It has been one hell of an emotional roller-coaster journey for me, one that has turned me into an emotional wreck. I am however now re-surfacing on the other side.

This week has further been exaggerated by the fact that I have been ill during all of my 10 days off my night job since starting them on the 21st November. I have literally spent my time off sleeping like a baby for most of it all. I did manage to make it to my diabetic review early Wednesday morning, and received the good news that all is on target at the right levels. I did ask about the sleep issue and they just stated my body must have needed the sleep and not to worry. So I left the doctor’s upon a high note.

Later that day I came across a funny video on Facebook that had me in tears of laughter for ages, and still does every time I view it. I decided that I would create a funny things section on the blog so that I can save this stuff for posterity. I and others can then have a good laugh when we need to. It was also my first embedded video on this blog.

Little did I know that this high would come crashing down to earth when I came across another video on Facebook. When I viewed it for the first time – I became a total mess, tears flowing endlessly down my face, because for some reason this video had a profound effect on me. It had triggered things in my own life that needed dealing with and this was the release of the emotions that I had locked away for most of my life. I had to somehow tackle these feelings before I could move on.

Thursday then became an extremely emotional and stressed out day to the extent I cannot recall even falling asleep. I remember being in tears a lot as I tried to fathom out just why this video has had an effect me like it has. As the day progressed slowly, I continually watched this video, and more tears, bit by bit I was able to identify the issues that it was pinpointing to me. Eventually I was able to view it without so much emotion, but even now I still get choked at the guy’s bravery and courage to finally believe in his life.

My mind set in my own life had been totally wrong and I had to now deal with it. Change it or not progress. Stay as I am struggling with life. I was using my past as excuses for my failures. I have been using these failures as prevention from progressing further in my life to the person I know I can be.

I felt the need to share “this inspirational video” and is also online on my blog below along with a further posting of how it had the effect on me at the time. I felt it could be of use to others too and have received some comments in return as a result.

My week has ended with me finally ordering my graphics for the blog, and delivered to me in an amazing turnaround from Steve at GFX-1 – I definitely recommend him and will be returning for more business with him.

He pointed out that I had issues in Internet Explorer 8 with my graphics once uploaded and he checked them over for me. They are fine in the other browsers but not in IE8 for some reason, with duplicated footers. Eventually using compatibility view in IE8 they appeared fine, but not under normal view. So I have spent several hours as to why the footer was duplicating itself in both the feature section and the footer. I checked all the footer settings, even re-posted the code again from the original package, to no avail.

For all of you out there – first check your own coding!! I finally did isolate the problem and it was my own fault with some issues in my widgets where I had not placed closing tags after “the img source tags”. I have now also wrapped my code in “div” statements (not sure if this is correct as still learning html in detail) just to ensure that there would be no overlapping issues that I was experiencing.

I discovered the problem by moving the promotions to the bottom side bar for now. However they were originally hyper-linking to the ones above so I then knew that it was a coding issue. After correcting them and refreshing all is now fine. I verified this by using the default text that comes with Flexsqueeze as a result of having no active widgets in that section. Initially it was out of sync and I honestly did not know what to do anymore but suddenly it happened. Whether it was a timing issue between my laptop and the hosting server, I really do not know but it suddenly came right again.

So the graphics are uploaded and have completed the design and format of my blog to date.

Tasks for next week are the completion of the One Month Mentor course, viewing it for the first time on the days left. I am however re-working it from the beginning to ensure that I have not missed anything and also now focusing on the stage two sections of product research and creation. I have several topic ideas in my head and it is just the case of isolating the best one for my first product creation. It has to be one that I have passion for, experience or knowledge of, to make the first one not so difficult.

So after a trying, emotional week I have come through it. I have learned a lot about myself as a person in the process, identifying what has been preventing me moving forward.

I now return to my night job for now. It is also time now to move on and get the next step done in my walk to success.

My First Product Creation!!



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  • Gary Watson

    Reply Reply December 5, 2012

    Thanks Adrienne for the comment – I have always been a positive person and have strived for success all my life setting myself goals from my early schooldays. I have always had a high IQ and was tested at 138 in my teens and one of the top 1% in the UK. So my ability is not the issue, my problem is that family came first when leaving school due to family issues. So I never got the chances to achieve what I know I could have when leaving Grammar school. Despite efforts over the years to catch up it has been like a rolling stone getting bigger each year as I tried to get closer and jump over the hurdles preventing me reaching my goals and dreams.
    I have always seen and felt since day one that this medium of the internet is my forte and my escape to success one day. Yes I have tried things over the last 10 years as I have educated myself of its capabilities. Yes I have listen to the gurus, bought their products and courses. But most have only ever been interested in taking my money with a product followed by endless upsells (absolutely infuriates me) before getting to what I initially purchased. I have always sought mentor-ship and even mentioned to John Thornhill how much that I wanted to do his courses but they were outside my financial reach. He must have listened to his admirers as opening up the current membership is what we have all been seeking. I honestly believe that this is where the emotions have come from, and seeing that video that I have posted online too. Well it triggered the disappointment of the years that I have struggled for that belief that one day I will be in a position to do it. So now its all down to me. I am not going to rush it and take my time and do it correct, listen to others and take advice from our groups. My blog is up and happy with it although I can still make some changes to it – less monetising, more meaningful content, my own products, but I wanted to be honest about the changes that are taking place as I feel its important as it is a scary journey and not one that these gurus portray with their wealth of today. Sharing them initial steps, fears, change in mindset is important to those that will read this and follow me as I take this journey. Like John, I am a honest person, and ethical in my ways. I am not out for the fast buck, but in it for the long journey, and looking to make long term friendships in the process. So thank you Adrienne.

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