“Goals and Dreams”

Ever since I was a young child I have had this inner desire to do my best, and achieve everything in my life as best as possible. I have always set myself goals and aimed for them. I have missed a lot along the way, but what drives me in my search for success?

I have goals in my life towards my dream. Yes I have a dream and it drives me to being successful. Tackling one goal at a time.

So just what is my dream?

I really do not know when the dream came about it just seem to creep up on me but has remained with me ever since, a bit like my faith really, it just happened and has been part of my life since too.

How do I explain my dream? I suppose I need to go back to my family life as a child. I was born to parents whom eventually had five children including myself, although there were others that did not survive. My parents also became foster parents when I was a child too, so not only was the home full of my 3 sisters and brother, we also usually had a foster child or two or three with us too.

I personally did not mind this despite the fact that I may have missed out on some love from my parents but I did know that my life was far better than these foster children. Some were physically abused others sexually, others ill themselves and their parents just needed some respite. I saw at a young age that adults can be horrible to their offspring but not fully understand or even want to comprehend why. I still don’t today! It was extremely difficult to sit in a room with parents to the child they had previously abused and now visiting accompanied by social workers as part of their rehabilitation program. To this day I still find this hard to accept but at the time I had no choice.

So with all this in my childhood it was inevitable that one day it would arise in my life that I would want to do something with the experiences from them days.

I have a goal. I have a dream. I have a plan. I will be successful. With this success will be personal wealth? With this wealth would be surplus cash to my own personal needs? With this cash I would set up a trust fund. With this trust fund I would set up a charity. With this charity I would help others. With this I would be offering “A helping hand”. This helping hand would be to give them a second chance in life. These people being the rejected, the abused, the kicked out, the kids and adults on the street. These would be helped by setting up initially tea rooms drawing in the public with profits being split between the tea rooms and the charity along with the interest from the trust fund. The charity would set up hostels to make the person feel secure, supply them with life skills to turn their life around again with a helping hand of a second chance in life.

This is my dream. This is what drives me. This is my legacy to my life. I feel that I have been placed here for a reason. I have always known one day that I would be rich and around my 46 year of life. Well I missed that by one year or did I as I have been learning this path for some 10 years slowly educating myself but now is the time to put my knowledge into practice with guidance. Hence that is why I am now doing John Thornhill’s “One Month Mentor course”. I had already worked out in my head what the route has to be but like everything in life its better with a plan, a mentor and the course that details day by day steps.

We all have dreams and the desire to be successful.
Now you all know mine.
What is yours and are you on the way to achieving it?
Have you even started on the path to reaching any goals?
It is time to make a start TODAY!

Start your journey on the path to success and your dreams in life NOW!!


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