The time has come for me to complete this section so what do you want to know?

I, Gary Watson, am aged 47 at the time of writing this and reside in the midst of my birth county of Lincolnshire, in the UK. Although I was born and bred here and have now returned in 2005, I did live in Essex from 1993 to 2005 as a fresh start following the collapse of my marriage, leaving my son behind in the care of his mother.

I come from a family background of two parents, one brother and three sisters, all younger than me, alongside foster children as additional persons to our family unit. I really enjoyed family life and it came to mean so much to me, including the work that we all did with the foster children. It taught me a lot in life about what we are all about. It also showed me the cruel aspects of what adults can do to innocent children and has left and everlasting imprint upon my life.

Growing up was varied as we moved about a bit with my father being a farm foreman, but settling to farm pigs most of my life. They have become a special asset in my life over the years as I too worked the farm with my dad and as an employee during my teens. We did finally settle though in a place called Sausthorpe, nr Spilsby on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. From the age of 8 until about 23 I lived in this area, and special memories!

When I was a teenager I was severely ill with double pneumonia as a result of tobogganing upon the local sheep walks in 13ft deep snow during a bad winter. My friend broke his shoulder and arm, cannot remember if he broke his leg too, he was in a bad way, as a result of hitting a tree stump under the snow so I had to raise help. Miles away from anywhere I left him my coat to keep warm but caught a chill myself before gaining help. Anyway to build my stamina up again I took on the local village paper round and also assisted on the farm at weekends and school holidays.

Life growing up in the countryside was a special time for me and I would love to live that period again in my life as nothing ever changes the feeling of living on the farms. The freedom that I enjoyed to get upon my knackered out Raleigh trials bike if you could call it that. To ride across them fields with the wind blowing around you. Wonderful memories.

Life took a turn of bad luck for our family as a whole when I was at the young age of 7, told that my mum whom was only aged 34 was given just six months to live as a result of breast cancer. My family was torn apart with my young brother and sisters staying with my family doctor (whom became a close family friend). Meanwhile myself and my younger sister, the oldest of the three had to take on the duties of running the household as my father dealt with work, and the situation with my mum. A challenging time but did prepare us for life later on.

To cut a very long story in our lives short, mum did survive and in fact for another 24 years as she signed up for every guinea pig trial out there for cancer development. She did go through relapses but the cancer reappeared about every 10 years. It was during the relapsed years that she managed to give to others and foster children as well as have her own family back together.

My schooling years although they had began at several schools back I spent 3 years at the village school and made special friends as we all do. My first love and best friends, plus my first fights too. Anyway I sat my 11plus exam and managed to get a place at the Grammar School in the nearest town Spilsby. The results arrived on my 11th birthday so even more special and I still have that letter today! I was the only one from the school as they went to the adjoining secondary school, so I had to make new friendships. School was a place of security and rhythm for me as it was structured and I knew each day what I was meant to be doing. I felt secure. I even enjoyed the school dinners, did I just confess to that. I truly did but it also took the pressure off mum having to cook all the time for us, and I knew that I had already eaten a good meal.

Schooling also took its toll on me when I went through a period of unexplained seizures and at the time diagnosed with epilepsy and treated as such. For a period of three months I had to take these vile disgusting pills called epanutin and as a result of gagging when taking them they would melt in my mouth and burned the back of my throat and tasted disgusting. I was determined even back then that I would control my life and stopped taking them to the dismay of the doctor. Despite being a family friend he still tore a strip off me. Anyway I had not had a seizure for a while and never have since. It was only later in life when trying to get in the RAF that the doctor there pointed out that my body was going through puberty and it was my bodies way of coping with the mass release of hormones.

I left school in 1981 and did find a ob immediately in a local Leyland dealership continuing my interest in mechanical things (taking my bikes apart regular and rebuidling them) but I still was not sure what I really wanted to do with my life. I changed jobs several times through out even studying electronics and electrical engineering for a while.

All I knew one day I wanted to be my own boss at something and I had know from a very young age that one day I would make it and become successful in something. I had this belief at the age of 13 and still do today.

As the years have passed by, several jobs, and relationships I did get married and got divorced almost as quickly. We did have a son called Charlie, now aged 20 and studying at Sheffield University doing Physics and also a DJ on now two different shows each week. Details can be found on my Facebook page each week as I post links on there as they start.

During my years away living in Essex I became aware of the computer and its ability but furthermore I got my first connection to the internet. This was the start of a new change in my life as I was hooked from day one. All my life I had been seeking that connection to make something of my life and now it was in front of me. I immediately saw the potential that lay behind the screen in front of me. But where did I begin.

At a friends dinner party one night they said to me why do I not work for myself as they did running their own business. It got me thinking and on my return home I typed in the words, “working at home”, “working for yourself” etc. I was up days and nights looking through all that had been thrown up and that night was January 24th 2003.

I soon became overloaded with information and felt like someone totally lost in which direction to follow. I naively sign up for several things and I also lost money not understanding what I was doing. I spent more than I was ever making, including my day time job.

It has taken me years to understand what this internet marketing is all about, sifting out the fake gurus, and the hype and bullshit online. It si amazing what you can find out behind the scenes and if you study carefully emails sent out, offers posted online and the reviews of others too, whom the genuine guys are. Even now names from when I first started in the journey have now totally disappear and I ask myself why?

However I have followed several well known marketers and have great respect for them, one being John Thornhill. I have watched him grow and remain steadfast, loyal and true to his word. So I have now finally managed to enrol upon his One Month Mentor Course and now closing in on the home front although I have great work still to do in creating my first product!

You can see what this course has meant to me via my daily posts.

Well not sure if this is what is meant to be on my about page but also check out my goals and dreams one and of course my regular postings. I am sure in days to come when I re-read it I will be making changes but for now it is suffice to say a little about myself.

Take care and take action!

(To be continued or changed as I see fit in my re reads so check back often)



  • Cararta

    Reply Reply January 27, 2013

    Hello Gary,

    Such a great Bio….Bet you could use it as a guide and turn into a Kindle!
    Writing has to be one of your unsung talents. A really enjoyable glimpse into your life past and present.
    Thank you for the share.

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