I am sitting here in the early hours of November 17th 2012, watching the current Children In Need continued from 7pm the night before. I have always had a soft spot for this Charity as I have  watched it most years since it all began.

To say that I have just gone through an emotional few minutes is an understatement. I was watching a young family of three boys and a girl all below the age of about 10. Their mum had to tell the children she was dying and not sure of how long she had left to live. Sadly it was not long and she died recently.

This brought back memories of my own personal situation in that from a family of five children and often 2-3 foster children when mum was well. I recall being told that my own mum had only six months at the most to live way back in 1972. I was only aged 7 years old myself. Even now as I say those words in my head as I type I can feel the emotions wanting to burst out. My mum had a 24 year battle in the end and two relapses 10 years apart before she finally succumbed in September 1995 and eventually died in January 1996.

NEVER forget you only have one set of parents and family members and once they have gone its harder to say that you still LOVE them!!

Below are some charities that are special to me and my life in respect of both my mum, my dad and even myself. Please support them if you can and as I make money with this website I will be donating a percentage to the charities in turn.

I will find and add the links in the coming days as still feel a bit raw at the moment. Stay tuned.

This page is here because I have a philosophy in life to help others before myself,

Listed are charities and organisations that have touched my life in some way.

So please take your time to view and help where you can.

Children In Need & NSPCC

From my childhood and adult experiences in life these charities are special in my heart in the fight against abuse,and other special needs.

Cancer Research & Macmillan

My mother died and my sisters and other family members have endured this condition and these charities assisted greatly in my mother’s fight.

British Heart Foundation

My father died of a sudden heart attack aged 52 years old in April 28th 1989

Diabetes UK

I myself suffer with Type 2 Diabetes

Guide Dogs

My mother fostered two blind toddlers and I have always been amazed at how they coped with daily life. So this charity can provide daily assistance to a blind person.

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  • Donald

    Reply Reply January 18, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    What an excellent idea, having charity links. You obvious have some close to your heart in your personal life. Take my hat off to you sir. I might do that myself if you don’t mind. Being an ex serviceman, I would probably go for H4H for one. I have out of the service thirteen years now and a couple of times fell on hard times. I contacted SSAFA for help and they were amazing, helped me out big time, so it would be brilliant to offer something back.

    The Guide Dog charity is another charity I would love to help. A friend of mine for my we boy days had an aunty who was blind. Watching her do every day chores was second to none. One chore that stood out was her making a pot of tea. Tea brewing away on the stove, she would go and get the pot and fill everyones cup, no bother. I was a Submarine and at sea we would raise money for charity whether by sponsored diets, raffles or whatever. Wew raised £1000 over a period of time and it paid for a Guide Dog. The Association sent us a photo of it, a white lab if I remember…it was named “Sailor”….how convenient.

    Anyway mate, a cracking blog. take care.

    Kind Regards


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