A Methodical Routine and Focused Week

“A Methodical Routine and Focused Week”

Well it’s that time of the week when I make a personal post as to what has been happening in my life this week.

Work wise, in which I am talking about my regular paid job, I have had to walk to work as a result of the weather. Thankfully it is only a mile each way so the extra exercise may just be of benefit to me again. Last time I did it I was in agony on my time off between my shift pattern. So listen out for my screams these next four days and nights as I enjoy some time off again.

I was supposed to have gone to the doctors this week to obtain my results of recent blood tests and x-ray results from a few weeks ago. This is in hope to see why my legs are constantly aching and praying that the result is in the answer of a trapped nerve in my neck. If it is not – then I am an unexplained walking case or in my case not walking but struggling to walk. I actually slept through the appointment and now we have difficult road conditions due to snow so the appointment will have to wait until next week when things improve.

In respect to this blog I have managed to make now a post everyday this year. This was not an intentional plan but has just simply happened. Each post is live each day, nothing is prepared in advance. I seemed to have got myself into a routine and the more I do it the easier it seems to become. However there will be one day when I may just not manage it, but I will not worry. It is great that I have managed to achieve the posts so far.

I am drawing upon all sorts of things that are happening in my personal life; the topic of my month “The Internet” (which I will be back to this week as I will have more time on my hands for the posts).

This week I took a different direction in the fact that another bloggers post inspired me to look at my own control and focus to how I am now to ten years ago when I first entered this arena of researching the internet lifestyle.

In turn this triggered me into following through on completing a training course, which in itself took me to read the Facebook groups that I belong to.

In one of the groups I actually saw a problem about pinned posts so decided to go off and research much for myself, but answered their questions. I decided to turn the information into two daily posts which then led into yesterdays post about the value of Facebook Groups to me. I will take a deeper look into these later in my journey online, giving me more posts one day or days.

This week as I am between my shifts I will stay focused upon my posts but I really must put some work into my Aweber follow-ups as I am now generating interest for people to sign up via my opt in box. I need to adopt the same approach that I have upon my blog and do a bit each day and build the follow-up sequence up.

I am for some reason finding this the most hardest part of the whole business. Why I do not understand unless it is because I find Aweber a bit overwhelming. So I will be allocating one full day or night to getting to know Aweber in more detail.

I have bought several follow-up sequences for various products in my time online so I will also upload and start building my list building side of this lifestyle. I just need to get to know the capabilities and functions of Aweber and then I should be fine.

I do welcome:-

Any ideas for the initial sign up follow-ups and freebies to add as an incentive.

How many days should between messages?

What topics should I discuss on follow-up message,2, 3,4, etc.

Do the follow-ups automatically go to those already signed up and passed the day of sending, or do I have to manually send them on this one occasion as I write them?

Questions and I know that the answers are there – I just have to focus and find them.

I also have several other training programs to work through but I honestly hand on my heart believe that I need to get this Aweber issue dealt with once and for all otherwise I will not grow my list or retain those on it already since setting up my blog.


Aweber help products, free eBooks on Aweber, email list building, sample follow-up lists are always appreciated.

Just find me on Facebook and message me please as this really is a nut that I have to crack!!


Well that’s my week as I have seen it, eventful, routine, methodical and now part of my daily actions.



  • Donald

    Reply Reply January 22, 2013

    Hi Gary,

    Me again. Another excellent post. Inspiring. I ahven’t posted yet this year, something I have to address. The AWEBER scenario. I was ‘scared’ of Aweber, still am..lol. You can set the follow up messages to as many days weeks as you wish. I guess it depends what you are promoting and when you want to start. If for example you have a course on IM.If you have 10 parts to this course do you want to send it out daily or weekly?? You decide. If you are going on holiday(vacation) and you want to mail your list you can set it up well in advance.

    Enough of my that. If you really want HELP, best people to contact is AWEBER. The support I ahve had when I had a problem is second to none, so helpful, unbelievable. Might be a mega company but their support is awesome. Jordan, Rebecca to name two. They will actually fix the problem for you. I was having trouble with a list and it was not working, until I contacted them.

    Good luck mate.



    • Gary Watson

      Reply Reply January 23, 2013

      It is my intentions Donald to spend a full day on Aweber, possibly tomorrow. I know that they have training videos, and webinars as done some in the past.

      I am fine at setting things up its just what I should write up as content over the initial 7 emails or so to get my swing so to speak.

      I have cracked it on blog writing so will just have to dive in on the follow-ups now and relate some content across to my blog.

      I will crack this I have with everything else so watch this space and my sign up box one day!!

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