I decided to approach in a positive manner. January is memoriam month for my mum and my step brother. This year it passed positively. So much so I took steps to seek counselling and tackle these recurring triggers that stemmed from the bullying.

I have had 12 plus sessions but only a few have been emotional so far that it made me angry and depressed for days afterwards. As we have worked through issues, they have been put into perspective, even moved in my line of thoughts to thinking totally different about the issues. But it is still early days and positive progression is being made.

Throughout the early start of the year I was fighting a bad chest infection, and antibiotics failed to work. It was making me out of breath and I lacked energy to do my job properly. I don’t know what it was but in the end echinacea was the only thing I tried and killed it off in days.

This year has been dominated by the Coronavirus, putting us all through one hell of turmoil. Luckily as I work in care, my job has continued but under lockdown measures and to date virus free and testing negative since the tests came about. I don’t know if the chest issues at the start of the year was something linked to Coronavirus but the symptoms do match.

In regards to looking forward I have decided that I need to go backwards to my dream I had 25 years ago. To become a chartered accountant, ACCA. So I am returning to my accounting studies of Bookkeeping and Accounts to start with as a refresher, alongside other training courses accounting related across many platforms and media. It is early days but each day I am moving forward in taking small steps to my goal.

I now have to decide whether I still change my job from mental health to accounting roles or different health care roles as I make this transition

In regards to my online stuff I have simply abandoned it, including Hostgator and now have moved my blog to D9 Limited. I am rebuilding this blog, updating it and adding and changing the sections. So watch this space.

Overall 2020 ended a positive year in a way that I never expected. But as always something comes along to knock you off your pedastal.

I learned of the loss of my ex wife, Lesley, Charlie’s mum. He messaged me unexpectedly and told me of her passing. and hit me in a way that surprised me.

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