Well I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. So what has been happening? Quite a lot to be honest, so let me update you.

2018 ended with me making an important decision in regards to my health and my diabetes control. For years I have suggested all my body needed is insulin, not the cocktail of pills that kept on being added to my regime. These making me ill and with side effects to the point I then rejected that family of pills.

I was hesitant about starting insulin injections due to the legalities of me notifying DVLA for a medical restricted driving licence, and my insurance company. I had no need to worry as it was straightforward and to be honest neither were concerned. Just changed the licence and put a note on my insurance.

So 2018 ended with me getting use to an insulin injection regime, of basal background injection of abasaglar, and bolus humalog when eating food. But I did start to feel that I was in control again.

I also got the shock news that I was also down for a brand new kitchen in my association flat for 2019. They had already done my bathroom this year in March. So October 2018 I had to make my choices now for the new kitchen. This was the start of putting my kitchen accessories into boxes, ready for the demolition and the building of the new one, plus I had to create eating and drinking facilities as part of my living room. Needless to say to lose a room to a rebuild was tight, cluttered and messy but had to be practical.

Continued: 2019

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