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It has been two weeks since my last posting mainly due to the intense pain in my legs, and struggling through each day. I have not really felt like doing anything. However I have been doing some product and project research and brainstorming exercises which I will reveal in a later post.

Today I came across this website http://www.livealifeyoulove.com and liked this quote upon their Facebook fan page and it got me thinking.

“There IS a way to create a life that you absolutely LOVE. You create your own reality. Play with us as we learn to create it consciously!”

As you get over the indulgences of the Christmas period and await the start of the New Year. I dare say that you have been looking over the past year:-
• What went right?
• What went wrong?
• Did you keep all your resolutions?
• Have you started some that you never thought of?
• Has your life taken a change of direction?
• Or are you still stuck as you were 12 months ago?

So much to look over and assess and maybe you looked even further back into your life as to what is holding you back.
You may want to start this New Year with:-
• New hopes,
• New Goals,
• Dreams Old and New,
• Start a business,
• Grow a business,
• A new start to your life,
• Work for yourself
• More….

But how many of you in the last few days, as you have enjoyed the company of family, friends, and gifts, have actually recalled upon what the truth of what Christmas is about.

“The birthday celebration of The Child of God”

I hope that somewhere along the celebrations this thought crossed your minds.

In my case this has always been prevalent to me as being a New-Life Christian. By this I mean that I took the option at a later stage as an adult to get re-baptised by my own beliefs and that day was on the April 16th 1989.

As many of you have spent time with family over this festive period I spent my time alone with “MY ULTIMATE FAMILY” – God Himself. I find this period of time is a good time to re-adjust my life, spend time with HIM in prayer and re-submission. It is also a time to think of the plans for my future, the year ahead and all that it may bring into my life.

At the moment I am suffering in pain with my legs, possible diabetic neuropathy, and I am awaiting tests in the New Year. At this stage I do not know how this is going to affect my life in 2013. To say I am fearful, scared or even terrified is an understatement. I do however give this to God to deal with along with the diabetic condition in the first place, and I know that whatever comes along HE WILL BE THERE WITH ME.

So as a result of all this thinking about my faith, my relationship with GOD – where does God fit into my business? I will address the personal aspects of this in a later post.

But where does GOD fit into your business?
As you plan your business tactics, projects, products, emails, etc. I just want you to:-

What part does your faith play in your preparation, and administration of your life, business and all that you are rewarded with as a result.

Maybe you are a non-believer or one that is still seeking that guidance to your life.

I myself have over years started a blog that I wanted to reflect my experiences and understanding of GOD. I have however neglected it a bit. This year I am making a conscious effort in uniting both this blog and my Christian blog which can be found at


I am determined to work on both as GOD has always been part of my life, and even at one stage I nearly answered the calling to be a Priest. (Still not lost that thought actually). I cannot explain in words why GOD is so important to me but HE is and has always been there for me.

So as I close for now, what belief do you have?
Are you prepared to let your belief guide you in life and your online presence in 2013?

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