The Quick Start Challenge 2018

It seems that I am back again on the latest version of “The Quick Start Challenge 2018”.

I have been here previously on The Quick Start Challenge 3.0 in 2015 but due to health factors, I had to give up big time on my online journey. But you can never keep a good man down.

Earlier this year, I was even seriously ill on the medication that is supposed to aid my Diabetes Type 2.0 that I have suffered with for more years than I care to remember.  It is over 10 years plus and more before I was even aware of it. I have had to give up one of my medications due to massively serious complications and I have never looked back since doing so. My mental health has improved, my motivation is back and my interest in my online life again.

I have known that one day my illness will be the downfall of my regular income in the form of a regular job, hence why I started looking at online living many, many years ago. I am aware of much of the terminology and have endured information overload many times. I also know a lot of separate things but fitting it together has always been my issue. I call it “The lost jigsaw piece”.

I have bought 100’s of products, training from many people, John Thornhill, Daniel Sumner, Dave Nicholson, Randy Smith, Simon Phillips, Rob Temple, Alex Jeffery’s and Omar Martin to name a few. However, I just struggle with a lot of it. I like to work in a step by step approach and started my blog many years ago when I bought One Month Mentor from John Thornhill.

So I am one step ahead of many subscribers on Dean’s “The Quick Start Challenge 2018” in that my blog is established on the internet, but just needs a revival, and guess what my plan was to be this year? Yes, you guessed to focus back in my blogging, get it revived with fresh posts, my hopes and intentions.

I do need to go through my links as some are dead, plus I have recently changed my hosting to D9hosting (hosting by marketers themselves), plus are my Facebook friends. So I do need to change some side banners.

I have re-joined Dean’s “The Quick Start Challenge 2018” to re-focus myself, get more disciplined in my walk online and actually go further than I did with the previous version.

My “About Me Page” can be found at Gary Watson within the  About Gary Watson section and
I even have a Goals and Dreams page too.

I do need to recheck these too but they do hold me accountable to my “WHY”

Please feel free to read these and leave comments below.

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  • Ed Drost

    Reply Reply September 15, 2018

    Gary sorry about your health issues and setbacks. Glad to see your back at it and taking action. Blog looks really great

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