The Internet

“The Internet”

Ever since I purchased my first computer in 1996 for a mere £35 from my place of work, as they were upgrading their assets, I have been fascinated by them now most my life, and one could say that I am “married” to them.

The simple reason I lived alone back then and still do today but with the aid of a computer the world became my oyster and was invited into my home via a communication network commonly known today as “THE INTERNET”.

This blog is based upon Internet Marketing and more so it says in the header graphic above, so that’s what I am going to do for a while upon it. Look at the first word in that caption “Internet”

I want to take a journey not just for myself but for others along with to explore, know and understand this medium. We are all wanting to work with it as the backbone to our lives, and actually doing so right now writing or reading this post. But what do we know or understand about it and where will it take us in our future and securing it and our financial freedom?

So where do we start, well it is my intentions to look at things from the beginning, looking at the history, people involved and how it has developed and its growing effect on our lives over the years.

What does it mean for us today and where will it fit in with our business in the future.

I will be finding and posting various facts and figures, along with any videos that I come across in my “live research” each day and I am setting up a separate category and sub-categories for all of this in my sidebar.

So watch this space over coming posts as I discover just what the Internet is all about and share its growth and facts with you all over hopefully many posts to come.


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