Review Day – A Review On Me!!

A review on me,well what’s that all about – let me explain!!

Good morning fellow marketers…..was I up early this morning?
In fact to be honest I have not been to bed yet and its now 11am of the next day. Not good but necessary.

Today before many of you had eaten breakfast I was sat in my doctor’s surgery. It was my diabetic review and I dread this as much as putting my car in for its MOT. You could say that this is my MOT, every six months and they wonder why my blood pressure could be high at the checkups?

The results today were uplifting in that my blood sugars are constant at the level they expect for a diabetic type 2 patient. So that has pleased me greatly. However it does not answer a problem of tiredness and the need to constantly fall asleep without any warning. They are assuming that it could be stress, but I do not feel stressed. Or may be because of recent heavy work loads my body has just given up and telling me that I need to slow down. I do not know but what is paramount to me now is that 2013 is more important to me in being a successful marketer and communicator. How am I doing so far?

There are loads I wish to add to this blog, but NOT immediately. I need to pace myself as someone stated to me “its not a race its a marathon”

I am working on some blog posts in the background and when they are ready I will upload them but for now I need some sleep so that is what I will be doing today, until I feel right again. A refreshed body stimulates an active brain and mind, therefore producing quality information and ideas.

So keep me bookmarked and check back often. The graphics will be coming and even I do not know what they will be yet. Yes, I not even ordered them yet but will be doing so this weekend.

Thanks for reading and any comments and feedback is always appreciated as I wish this blog to be informative, useful to you and in a style that keeps people reading and wanting to return regularly.

For now its zzzz’s time!!


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