“My Unfair Advantage” Experience

For all of last year I so wanted to join the membership site of Omar and Melinda Martin’s called “My Unfair Advantage”. Many times I joined and watched their promotional webinars which resulted in myself wanting to be on the inside even more. The total fee was beyond my financial reach. Even when they had lifetime promotions, I could still not justify it out of my monthly finances, I was desparate to be on the other side of the door and be using what they had inside.

This New Year I decided to make a sacrifice and killed off some payments to sites that I felt were not delivering for me at the time. This allowed the freedom of finances available to go after my goal and become a member at last of “My Unfair Advantage”.

So I looked out for when Omar and Melinda had a promotion on but furthermore when they had the installment plan available, which is NOT always the case. At the end of January it happened and I gained access to the inside at last and to say I was blown away is an understatement.

OMG where do I begin, what do I do?

Thankfully the site is laid out in a very logical manner and there is a “beginners section” to go through initially. I am so glad that there is. This section has left me grounded and focused on what is available to me in the site. Yes I have had a look around and yes I have downloaded some data that I can later put to use myself along with all the tools and graphics, articles and more available to me.

However the most important factor to me out of all the site is the weekly “Live Coaching”  with what we call “The Party” where Omar starts off where he chats away with us all, about weekly events, what has touched him or offended him during the previous week. This is usually followed by an open session for Q&A amongst us where Omar asks “if he can assist in helping us with anything that we may be struggling with in building our online business?” This first part goes on for up to 45-60 minutes dependent on what is being asked.

Each week Omar does a “LIVE” recording in front of our eyes, with a presentation upon a subject of interest that he has prepared. We listen and watch him using slide presentation to prompt him in conversation, outlining key factors and expanding upon these in greater depth on the subject in presentation. We watch him close off and then save the recording for Omar to later render and input into the archives for members to use as required in their continued learning. Now containing close on to 200 past weekly webinars to watch and listen to!

For myself personally this alone outweighs the cost alone for my lifetime subscription.This is ONE membership that I can assure you all that I will NEVER ever cancel, give up or just not use. I love everything about “My Unfair Advantage” and it is the best and most decisive step that I have ever taken in building my online business.

I love to be told straight and with no ‘BS’ about what I wish to learn and what actions that I need to take and Omar delivers this in a style that can offend some but certainly not me. I have now been part of his teachings for some four months and write this testimonial blog posting as recognition for his teachings to me already, and thankful for the relationship that I am building with both Omar and Melinda online. One day I am hoping to and will meet them both in person.

If you have an internet marketers mindset of expecting to fail then this membership is NOT for you, because you will be doomed from the start. However if you are willing to take action and to learn then this membership will give YOU an “Unfair Advantage” for sure.



  • Brian Oliver

    Reply Reply May 2, 2014

    Omar and Melinda’s MUA course (If course is a big enough word) truly encompasses the word VALUE.
    The testimonial’s are amazing, but even they do not do justice to the amount of amazing content you receive as a member.
    Joining MUA ranks as one of the best decisions I have made.
    I am glad you found us Gary.


  • Alison

    Reply Reply May 2, 2014

    Hi Gary! I joined too and so far am really enjoying myself going through all of the material.

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