My New Chapter In My Life And Online Presence

I would like to extend my thanks to friends upon the internet over recent years for their support, whether it has been via chat, email, or on Facebook. Many will already know if you have been following my Facebook timeline of late that I have been talking about starting a new chapter in my life. In fact it has now begun – let me explain.

I have just completed Phase One of a financial recovery program that has involved me repaying overpayments or arrears to government agencies here in the UK, namely Child Support Agency and Tax Credit Department. This over its duration has led me to live a very much basic lifestyle, and on a month to month in its process, no cash reserves in place.

I am now embarking upon Phase Two of my financial recovery for the unsecured debts, and yes we all have them don’t we? Mine have been incurred by the necessary living expenses due the actions of the above agencies taking their monies at source and leaving me to live a very frugal life during that period. However a plan is now being actioned and in due course all these unsecured debts will also be satisfied.

I am pleased to say now that Phase One has completed I am in control of my finances again and the relief in stress levels is unbelieveable. However I did never lose hope of my dreams, goals and my purpose in life in this period of time. My faith carrying me through it all, that one day it would end, and it now has.

I am in the best possible place right now in body, mind and spirit and in all that I do online. My mindset has recently taken a massive change in itself to looking at my online activities in a business manner. I use to run and manage businesses as part of my full time employment in the past. I have even managed teams of staff too and even recruited personnel along the way. So why was I not approaching my online activities in this way?

“Stresses of that time” – I was being held back by my offline needs, and the frustrations of everyday life. I knew in my head and heart that I had to have this new approach, but I just felt blocked, defeated and not able to fulfill this approach due to the daily stresses.

Positivity is a great thing to release in oneself and stress blocks this. We are brought up in a very negative world and it does NOT take “much” to curtail our positive thoughts and actions. I have now turned the corner and positivity has returned.

I am there right now in a very positive mind, and making positive strides of action to bring my online activities into a business mind. I can build upon daily and declare to my friends and family – this is what I do – this is my business – this is where I make my income from.

Watch this space and follow my progress as I learn, take action and produce results.

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  • James Hughes

    Reply Reply February 3, 2015

    Hi Gary!
    Thanks for sharing your personal experience and giving such insight to the readers. I really enjoyed reading your post. Looking forward to further thoughts on your blog.

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