It has been a while – I am sorry!!

It has been a while – I am sorry!!

Oh dear – where have I been, why have I not posted for almost 5 months?
This has never been my intention to neglect my primary online space.

No excuse but my time has been limited again through a series of matters, ranging from health again to my daily job , and new business ventures.

These are now set up and running and new ones coming on board all the time so my focus now is back on my blog.

I think I may start just using this as  a journal of what I am up to and that way I can convey to readers what is going on  in my life rather than letting the posts go stale and far in between. So I may just start again making a few short posts to get what has been happening out there again. This to me seems the most obvious thing to do.

Also I need to change a few things on the blog and update a few areas so it is time to get it sorted and used again as my initial intentions, because I am still here!!

So I will start in another post an update on my health issues first.


  • Gary Watson

    Reply Reply November 25, 2016

    Thanks Sandy

    Greatly appreciated – living with diabetes type 2 – never a day is the same.
    I can feel good one hour then crash the next.
    I am slowly making a comeback and will be doing more posts as and when I feel OK

  • Sandy Buchanan

    Reply Reply November 24, 2016

    Good blog, wish you well with your health issues in future.
    All the best.


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