Is Social Media Driving You Crazy?

“Is Social Media Driving You Crazy?”




Are you finding that it is becoming more and more difficult, to keep up to date with the ever changing, very fast pace of The Social Media world?

Do you have personal social media space that is fraught with difficulties, using an account loaded with many friends and family?

Did you, when this social media first started just want to keep in touch with friends, family and old school friends?

Maybe you just wanted to post the most attractive photos of yourself and family?

Have you ever met an online friend in person only to realise that you did not recognise them and become embarrassed?

Maybe you are trying to connect with your teenagers interests online but they do not want to “friend” you. They want to maintain their own privacy, not having to watch what they say or post and to only share with their own group of friends.

Using Facebook for both business and personal use can be very challenging. Are you good at separating and maintaining your lists apart? Have you ever posted to the wrong list in error, embarrassing your professionalism?

Has a friend tagged you in their pictures of you in a compromising position or event that you wished was kept quiet?

Are you part of other more professional networks, like LinkedIn, where people are more careful about their posts, but then you slip up?

Today we are now part of an ever growing circle of connected people, more than before in our lives, as our social profile expands. However along with all this comes the added responsibility to stay in touch, post relevant content, especially when using social media to expand our business community.

One has to beware of which sites that you have interconnected to avoid these potentially embarrassing social media situations.

Potential business clients simply do not want to know the most intimate details of your social daily life.

Social Media can be used:-

  • To send tweets to Facebook,
  • Auto post your pinned images to Facebook,
  • Tell your Twitter community when you post a new blog post,
  • Auto post your YouTube videos to your Facebook business page,
  • Have your Twitter and Facebook stream appear in Google Plus, and much more……

Tweet, post, update, pin, like, G+, subscribe, link, share, comment, – STOP enough already!

Yes Social Media can drive you completely nuts.

No time for Social Media?

No More Excuses!

We are all busy and getting busier – with so many distractions online, so many social media platforms to choose from! Where do you start, and how on earth do you find enough time?

Where can you possibly find enough time in your already over busy schedule to possibly learn all the different techniques necessary to make Social Media work?

How can you prevent the sheer overwhelming feeling of not being able to use all these Social Media platforms in the best and most effective way?

Social Media Doesn’t Work!

Have you ever said or thought those words? Social Media doesn’t work? If you have then you are probably absolutely right – Social Media will not work for your business!

Do you know why it won’t work?

  • Because you are more than likely doing it wrong!
  • Are your sites set up properly?
  • Are you making the most of the resources available?
  • Are you following the right people for your business?
  • Are you being too impatient?
  • Are you saying the right things in the right places?

If you have answered no to any of those questions this fab new training is exactly right for you

If you want to find out about the other 21 possible connections that you can make, along with how to make your social media life simpler, by getting those icons and widgets in place, so that your community can find you everywhere.

Then check out this fantastic video training right NOW

This could help you….Social Media Spider’s Web

The ‘Social Media Spider’s Web’ is a video based training product which steps you through the whole process from understanding why a strong social media presence is crucial for your business, right through to solid techniques to build a real community on each platform. It has been designed to help to cut out the Social Media overwhelm, increase your online visibility and explode your traffic.

Discover how to:-

  • Set Up each site platform
  • Optimize each site platform
  • Integrate and build your social web
  • Automate to leverage your time
  • Create highly relevant content
  • Build a powerful targeted community
  • They are also offering a bonus WordPress traffic syndication plugin

You will also discover tips and techniques to build your community, find engaging content, and become a Social Media authority on the big 6 platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube and also includes WordPress at the centre of your your niche.

Social Media Spider’s Web is suitable for marketers and business owners in every niche.

Most people are bumbling around and not achieving the right results, but invest a little time up front, master each platform, and this will improve your productivity – you will have a large and powerful network who will support you and share your messages.So discover how to spin your Social Media Web in the correct way to get more sales for your business.

Stop the excuses and start to make Social Media work for your business – today!

A 5 step system to streamline your Social Media productivity

The no time for Social Media excuse is now officially over – this training will make sure of that

Here’s the sales page…Social Media Spider’s Web


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  • Kathleen Plitt

    Reply Reply November 30, 2015

    Hello Gary:

    First of all I want to say I am glad to hear that your health has returned and that you are doing well.
    Thanks for your information regarding social media. You hit the nail on the head.

    Warm Regards,

    Kathleen Plitt recently posted…Thanks For Dropping ByMy Profile

  • Debra Moser

    Reply Reply February 10, 2013

    Gary, thanks for sharing your insight on the product! Look forward to using it myself. I do have to learn more about social media and how to use it more effectively in my business!
    Debra Moser recently posted…3 Secrets to Long Term Love!My Profile

  • Sue Worthington

    Reply Reply February 6, 2013

    Hi Gary

    Thanks for promoting my product so beautifully!


    • Gary Watson

      Reply Reply February 6, 2013

      Not a problem Sue, My pleasure.

      I actually enjoy taking all the JV swipes and coming up with something that may flow.

      Hope that the promotion is going well.


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