I have had to strip back my activities!!

Sometimes in life one has to make  a decision that is not necessarily what you want to do. This last year I have had to do that in a big time, in order to put my health as number one priority.

I have struggled this last winter with health issues after health issues. It seems that I managed to pick up every virus I could possibly do so. But since the latter one in April my diabetes type 2 control has been bonkers, and still under no control.

My sugars are raising and decreasing as they should but there is an underlying factor of plus ten added to the results. I was fine until April when I suddenly lost my voice for 3-4 days, many wished this would happen all the time. However after this bout of illness my energies dipped and my sugars have since been out of control?

Due to the above factors I have had to strip back everything I do online and just simply rest and motivate myself into getting the sugars back under control, high sugars make me sleep endlessly.

So in order to cope I have stripped back most of my activities for a while and allow better use of my time. Posting to this blog has suffered the last twelve months and was not intentional. I am hoping that I can resume some pattern of posting again in the near future, as hopefully my health sorts itself out.

So this is just an update post for anyone that reads this. Hopefully more posts soon as health issues allow.


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