Happy New Year 2013

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Happy New Year To All for 2013

I was actually at work again for the change of year. I have lost count as to when I actually celebrated the New Year in as a social gathering. I never expected to get as emotional as I did as Big Ben chimed the New Year in.

I think this may have been the fact that I am sick to death of seeing the New Year in at work all the time, and know that I have to make changes in my life to get the freedom from work that I desire and crave for.

So this year I am focusing upon positivity and everything associated with this ideal in planning, and implementing my plans several steps closer to reach ing my dream to be FREE one day. How soon I achieve this is down to me and no one else, and the actions that I take this year.

The best thing of last year came towards the end when I could finally get training/mentor-ship via John Thornhill.  Now I am doing further training with associations from the entourage surrounding him, along with fellow internet marketers in various Facebook groups. The best steps ever in the close of 2012 as I am now networking with fellow internet marketers that I would never have found on the internet myself.

So thank you for your associations and support as we all venture in to a prosperous 2013.

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