Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Suite – Anybody whose anybody in Internet Marketing would fail to have not noticed that this is launching today – in fact in the next hour.

The $1 million dollar bonuses have supposedly been upgraded now to over $10 million – I will let you add these up for yourselves.

I have watched this launch build and to be honest it has been worse than waiting for your newborn to be delivered into this world. The build up over the weeks, the emails, the videos, people promoting the program with what information we have been drip fed and now the day is here.

But what are we all really interested in, what the program can do, how will it change our businesses, will it fill a need in our business and more.

To be honest in my own case all I am interested in is the price, and whether it will be affordable, so all this hype over the weeks for me has been superfluous to me at the moment. I am only interested in the final ballpoint figure and what value it will give me in return for my hard-earned cash.

Don’t get me wrong I am interested in developing my business further to the day that I will be doing my own launches, but that will be a while down the road. I am focusing on building my online presence this year, and some writing projects that will be delivered under my own name.

Video is an area that I do need to add to my portfolio and yes I will be looking at this product intently along with all the others out there in comparison to what it delivers for my needs. From what I have seen in the videos, it looks good and from some comments people seem impressed on what it promises to deliver. However lets see the true comments after launch as to what people really think when they can get to use it for real. I will await with interest and review in detail for my own needs when launched in the next few minutes.

Updated : NOW LIVE!!

If you want to see what it can do CLICK HERE!

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