Back to good health again – more posts coming soon.

Hi there – just a quick update as it seems a few months since my last update.

Reading the earlier posts many will be aware that I have battled some health issues this year with the control of my diabetes type 2, when the sugars spiked in January.

I am pleased to say that it has been a long haul but they have suddenly corrected themselves to levels that are now acceptable and despite “off” days I am more or less back to full health again.

I underwent endless tests, reviews, scans, and medication reviews and possible changes but NOTHING came back as the cause, so in the end I starved myself (low calories)  for a few days to get them down. Seemed to have worked, and now in the range they should be.

Therefore I am back in the swing of things again, catching up on tasks, looking and working a new business model which I will share in due course, but it is making me daily money as I sleep, small now but growing daily. Stay tuned and all will be revealed soon.

Anyway pleased to be back and I will get into a routine of more regular posts as really have neglected this Blog this year and that was NOT my intentions in my yearly plans.

Thanks for all that have sent wishes to me on Facebook and other platforms.

Kind regards






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  • James Hughes

    Reply Reply March 24, 2016

    Hi, Gary! I’m glad to hear that you’re okay now. I hope to read another great post from you. I really find your articles an interesting read.

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