At a time of loss

At a time of loss ….

I came across this upon my Facebook page, today of all days, the actual death of my mum some 17 years ago now. As posted yesterday it was a day that changed our family lives despite the fact that we had a 24 year expectancy.

However sometimes this is not the case and death hits us suddenly and without any explanation. This has happened twice in my life now with immediate family. So support is essential at these times, and things like this found on Facebook today bring comfort at the time of need or years afterwards.

I think this is one of the most beautiful verses I have ever read so I wish to share it and maybe just help someone out there in their time of need. But there is an after thought that follows below.


At a time of loss


As much as the words above are the most beautiful that I have ever seen since all the losses in my family, my after thought is this:-

At the time of loss we all handle things differently but most of us either go into an emotional or and automaton period of time to deal with what is thrown in front of in them darkest days. However life for us has to continue, bills need paying, food shop still needs doing, funeral needs arranging and much more. My thought being on this day is how building your own business online has its benefits.

  • Financial support – no need to go out face your 9-5 job. Provided you have an established business, with several lines of income flowing in each day or month, time is of no essence. No need to face the world if you do not wish to, take the time to accept your loss and know that the bills are paid along with the immediate sudden expenses of a funeral to pay for.
  • Support is second to none, first you find this from your family and friends. As we build our online business we become associated with initially business associates, affiliates and mentors. Maybe even joined a few forums, groups and become part of an online growing network. The support of these extra people in your life can be phenomenal. You have an extended family and their support will be supportive, inspirational and often out of the box in drawing you through these times.

So if there is any doubt in anyone’s mind about taking the steps to start their own business, do so now.

Take them steps to get some cash flowing in, preferably from various sources, as unless you have surplus cash in the bank, a time of  loss is an expensive time for those left behind.

Build an account with at least six months income in to give you a chance not to worry, take your time to deal with a loss, regain your direction in life and pick yourself up again to continue your life in the memory of the departed. That is what they would have wanted you to do. An online business with cash continually flowing in not only relieves the financial aspects it will bring you support from many directions, whether it be friends, messages of support, offers of help, time to grieve, time to accept, time to be angry, it will bring you TIME in a very big way in the knowledge that your financial needs are met.

One thing for certain – death is guaranteed to all of us one day, but close members of the family and friends may just go before us – are you prepared for them darkest days?

They will come there is no escape as will happy days again some time afterwards.



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